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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Solar Annular Eclipse Virgo New Moon Sept 1 2016 - change of routine

Virgo Solar eclipse is exact Thursday September 1 2016 at 2:03 am PDT. The eclipse will not be visible from most places around the world besides Africa. However, it will be felt strongly, everywhere, especially if you have personal planets in Virgo.

Solar eclipse
A solar eclipse is when the moon passes in between the earth and sun, blocking out the light for a short time, exposing what's normally hidden - the shadow. Regardless if we visually see this happen or not, our inner senses can pick it up and know something is different, which can feel like inner turmoil as we readjust self to the changing energy. Yep, this solar eclipse indicates important changes are needed in some area of your life. The universe might help this process along against your will if necessary. But please, do trust the process, everything will unfold naturally. Although willingness to adapt and confront what needs confronting will go long way in helping that process out.

Find your area of life that Virgo rules (house). This is where you will be getting some divine intervention. Virgo is normally associated with the 6th house of daily routine, work, skills & health matters. Your Virgo house is where you do that stuff at. So, say your 11th house is Virgo, then your work routine, skills, service, etc is done along side friends, groups, or organizations, etc. Virgo house is where you offer your services and devotion to. The 11th house is just one example though, could be any area of life, depending on your own Virgo house.

 New moon eclipse on the fated North Node
This eclipse energy makes the new moon the most powerful new beginning with new opportunities out of the year. You are being pushed into new territory when it comes to your Virgo area of life. This corresponds to the consciousness expansion taking place with eclipse. There will be a fresh start to your Virgo house that transforms over the next 6 months. Things begin to change right away however, and what changes over the next several months has long lasting effects. This area of life needs to get organized with ambitions and goals. New opportunities are arriving, but it's not completely clear yet. More information will come in to add clarity in the weeks ahead. In meantime, getting very practical is advised. It's time to get more focused on whatever is needing your attention.

Has your daily routine gotten stale? If so, this eclipse could reflect a shake up to those daily matters, where you're forced to make some kind of long lasting adjustment to what you've been doing on a daily basis. For example, say you've been kicking back with your feet up on the desk at work for the last year, because your boss is cool. Well, now that boss might get fired and new boss comes in. oops! Change of routine time! That's just a minor example, will be different circumstances for everyone. Much more serious concerns than a new boss could appear now.

 The changes could be forced on you if you're the type of person that has been avoiding change, even though you have been feeling it, needing it and knowing it's getting closer. The time is now to flow with the changes making adjustments as needed & progressing your ambitions, organizing, cleaning up, pushing thru fears of the unknown and working towards something long lasting in your Virgo area of life.

In other ways this could show up is thru unexpected health matters, forcing some people to make needed changes to their diet or health routine. If they have been avoiding this for a long time, those health concerns could reach tipping point that forces a new beginning in health matters. This can also show up with people in your life that forces you to make adjustments to accommodate them as well. Mental and emotional health could also be an issue for some people. All these types of things are ready for a fresh start on a very practical level. But give it time, go slow, more info comes in soon.

Something long hidden could appear now, but taking care of any past issues helps you start a new path forward after a month of hard work. Whatever has been blocking you from moving forward, might become known over next few weeks. You're ready for a new cycle in your Virgo house now.

You could receive some new opportunities that requires you to make big changes and adjustments to your daily life, but might feel like a lot of pressure and responsibility. The thing is, these opportunities might bring up a lot of fears or other tough feelings that require you to look at and deal with past issues getting in the way of you accomplishing something new. Are ready to push thru those blacks?

Neptune confusion
This new moon eclipse does not look easy. It's forming a T square with Saturn, Neptune and Mars creating a lot of stress and tension that forces people to take action. It's confusing too though with uncertainty. This has lot to do with time and karma. The past is catching up with you. Something from the past needs release now in order to make this new beginning successful. Neptune is holding space from the past. This indicates old unhealthy ways that have been self sabotaging you for a long time is ready for conscious release. The areas in your mind full of confusion and doubt, that you try and escape from. Your means of escapism could show on any level that effects your life in negative way.  Saturn is indicating we have a challenge to get past in those ways in which we self sabotage opportunities.

I want to make it clear that Neptune is not always a negative (especially in the birth chart). However, at this time, the karmic South Node of the moon is aligning with Neptune in Pisces which is a 19 year cycle. This indicates that Neptune is acting as a negative right now, needing us to let go of all the old unhealthy side effects of its influence. This can be in the form of many things such as out of touch with reality, limiting religious/world beliefs, addictions, escapism, confusion, bad habits, victimization, etc

 Find what area you have Pisces on the cusp. This Pisces house where Neptune is might be a bad influence on you right now? What area of life would that be for you?  4th- Home and family? 10th-career/work? 7th- partnerships/others? 11th- organizations/friends? 6th- your daily routine and health perception? 6th house Pisces needs to be careful of imaginary health problems that can become real as Neptune is in transit. Wherever your Pisces area of life, it needs some grounding too and incorporating the positive side of Pisces/Neptune, which this Virgo eclipse opposite Pisces and square by Saturn will help with.

Grounding out all the fluffy areas of your life is necessary. Be willing to accept your limitations and weak spots. We don't have full control over everything in our life, we are not perfect.

Moon/sun  opp Neptune square Saturn - Thurs/Fri
Something unexpected could happen that puts a damper on feelings and changes focus. You might feel obligated to deal with something from the past in some way that helps you make room for a new start in your life.

Sun square Saturn.
Some tough decisions might need to be made. Saturn sitting at the Apex of T square can feel like a real bummer and block. It might feel dark, depressing. pessimistic. heavy, burdensome, etc. The more you let fears take over the more power they will have. Cleanse your space, let go of stress and worry. while still doing something that doesn't seem like fun. Be willing to face what needs done and some hard work, even if it's facing confrontation.

Saturn here indicates a delay in all this change. It's a slow process perhaps. The energy begins to get stirred up in your Virgo house but plays out over the next 3 weeks to 6 months. It also indicates needing to go back over the details of whatever is lingering in your mind and Virgo house getting more clear on this area. You don't have all the information yet. Take the time to get the details. Some kind of responsibility or obligations might be forced on you now. In order to make any advances in your life this work needs to be done first. It's most likely on a very practical level.

If you face the hard work now, including doing all the small little things, done right from the start, putting in the time and commitment even if frustrating then you will be rewarded big time later. I can promise you that. Whatever this is for you over the next month, it leads to Jupiter starting its year transit thru your Libra house, giving you rare opportunities in that area of life, which is connected to your Virgo area and this eclipse making way for the new. There will be some good stuff on the way, but first you have to put in some work! Discipline is needed.

Mercury Rx
Mercury is retrograde now. it made it all the way to last degree of Virgo before stopping. It will travel back to 14 degrees Virgo and trine Pluto around Sept 21, then station direct and move back over all this for a final time before entering Libra Oct 6. Whatever starts now, changes, etc more info will come in later as Mercury goes back and forth, making things clear as we get deeper into September. This gives opportunity for a change of perception in the process.

Venus - love & relationships 
Venus is in Libra now, her home sign so relationship energy is also changing. Things have been a tad nit picky lately. Venus in Libra reflects people are beginning to see the need for keeping the peace with others, finding more beauty in the world and sharing time with the other more, less critical on people. Mercury however, still in Virgo for another five weeks will keep the mind and communication critical, focusing on details and perfectionism. But Venus in Libra should help bring some more balance to your relationships. Both people need to feel equally valued.

The gist is we might have to do some stuff we don't want to do, as your routine might be changing in September. These are uncertain times, clarity comes later. Take any opportunities that show up, push thru fears, take care of anything getting in the way from the past. Clean up Virgo house, organize, focus on what's needing attention, await new info that makes opportunities clear; accept and adjust to changing routine. Give yourself more time before jumping head first into new plans. Do it right, get organized, don't push too hard. Let things play out naturally, for best results.

Custom report
Would you like more clarity on what all this might mean for you personally. I can only generalize with these blog forecasts. You can order a custom transits report from me and i'll explain what this is activating for you personally. It's about 5 pages long, 3 days to deliver to you. Visit my services page for more info.

Happy new moon eclipse!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Has your natal aspects strengthened or weakened over the years?

Here is a technique i use to determine if a natal aspect has increased in strength or weakened over the years. It requires knowing the degree and minute of each planet in your birth chart as well has having your current progressed chart with the degree and minute of each planet or point.

Let's look at an aspect for example:

Here we see a natal aspect "moon square Jupiter". 
The moon is at 14 degrees 53 minutes. 
Jupiter is at 19 degrees 53 minutes.
This creates a 5 degree orb.
From 0-10, 0 being strongest. 
This person was born with medium strength square aspect.

 Another thing to know is if this aspect was applying or separating during birth. Will it be getting stronger or weaker? In order to know this we need to know what direction Jupiter was headed at time of birth. In this case, we see the red Rx symbol next to Jupiter. This indicates Jupiter was in retrograde motion at time of birth (moving backwards).
The moon is applying a square to Jupiter, indicating this aspect will get stronger after birth. but when exactly in the future will this aspect peak by progression?

Jupiter progresses very slow. We are going to leave the natal moon where it is, and only look to see where progressed Jupiter is right now in relation to that natal moon.

This person's Jupiter has been progressing in retrograde motion since birth and is now currently at 15 degrees 21 minutes. This means that the person was born with moon square Jupiter but has only been getting stronger and stronger over the years. This indicates the person has been dealing with the challenge of this aspect all through life which has only increased in difficulty through the years, It's not getting easier to manage.

This birth aspect started in 1975. That means it's taken Jupiter 40 years to progress less than 5 degrees. Can we tell when this aspect will peak and start to separate? Yes, all we have to do is keep tracking progressed Jupiter's progress. At this rate Jupiter will reach a peak 100% perfect square with natal moon in the year 2026. That means it will take 51 years for Jupiter to progress into perfect square with natal moon. Now, keep in mind each planet progresses at different speeds. Jupiter is a slow mover so is one of the more slower progressions as well.

Another thing is that planets progress into retrograde or direct motion after a certain amount of time. If you were born with planets direct, they will progress retrograde for many years at some point in your life. Same is true for retrograde birth planets, they will progress direct at some point in your life.
When a planet changes direction by progression, it's indicating a major turning point for that energy and the lessons it's been teaching you. It's a sign something has changed with that energy.

Using the example above with moon square Jupiter. After Jupiter progresses into perfect square with moon, then it slows down and stations direct, which will start moving it back into this tight square aspect slowly. The change of direction indicates a change of how this energy is playing out for the person. Therefore, when this person is in their mid 50s they will most likely finally have a good grip on controlling this aspect, despite the fact it's very strong influence.

This tells us, the moon square Jupiter aspect will be strong and a challenge for the person their entire life. For whatever reason, this person had to have this aspect to help them fulfill their destiny and life purpose. This isn't always the case. Sometimes aspects will reach a peak and then fade away. Or the aspect was separating at birth and so quickly fades away for the person after only a few years of life. It all depends on each aspect.

So what is this person dealing with having moon square Jupiter? We can't fully say without knowing the entire chart. This aspect on its own would reflect someone that is very generous and kind. The moon is about feelings and needs, Jupiter is big. Jupiter would give this person a lot of what the sign represents. Moon square Jupiter will take the person out of their comfort zone as their circumstances tend to get over stimulated all thru life. This aspect reflects that the person is optimistic & generous but might often feel a lack of safety and security by pushing past comfort zone.

We can get more information about this aspect if we include the signs and houses.

Now we see the moon is in Capricorn 2nd house. Jupiter is in Aries 5th house. 

The moon in 2nd house is a moon very much like Taurus moon. In this case mixed with Capricorn. Both Taurus and Cap are earth signs, very emotionally stable, but they do need physical/material safety and security comforts in life to feel stable. The 2nd house is the money/resource/pleasure house. It's what represents the self-esteem of this person. Therefore, the moon here needs money and other material resources to feel emotionally stable, safe and secure. Not only that but Capricorn is a sign that needs time to make decisions. This moon sign likes to plan things out well in advance before acting on the plans. In order for this moon to stay content this person will need to be very good with planning of and managing money and resources. They will need to save resources, making sure they never run out, having a nest-egg available at all times. If this person were to run out of resources it would be a very emotionally disturbing & uncomfortable time. Remember, moon in 2nd house person needs to have all their physical needs met in order to stay happy and content, especially the basics like food, shelter, warmth, etc. Also having these needs met is what gives them self-esteem and confidence. Cap moon in 2nd house feels a great responsibility and maturity when it comes to the material world. This is not someone that spends money wildly. This person will want to save money and resources for the future, not doing anything too risky.

Now, let's add the square influence with Jupiter in Aries 5th house. We see that the generosity of moon/Jupiter is often done through the material world such as resources! The person is kind, giving away/spending more than they can afford. This person is going to have a challenge with money! Jupiter is a huge planet, when in Aries it's reflecting LOTS of Aries. Aries is very different from Capricorn. Cap plans and saves for future. Aries is very impulsive, living in the moment, not the future. Having so much Aries connected to the moon will indicate the person has a lot of impulsive needs to fulfill. This person might plan on what they want to do next, however, before that next arrives, they end up doing something entirely different based on an impulsive drive to fulfill emotionally in the moment, not the future. Instant gratification becomes the ruling force over emotional needs that will make the person feel safe and secure in that very moment. The moment of NOW becomes more important for the security of this person than saving for future.

Jupiter in Aries is very adventurous, taking many impulsive risks though tends to be lucky in doing so. The 5th house is how the person has fun, when in Aries it's about risky adventure, thrill-seeking, courage and danger. These activities are fun for Aries. Capricorn doesn't want any part of that stupidity. Therefore the Cap moon is over-powered by the strength of Jupiter in Aries causing this person to take risky activity impulsively that pushes the Cap moon way past its comfort zone, increasing stress and worry.

Spending money in the moment
Not saving for future
Not sticking to plans
Being over-generous with money/resources for self & others 
Taking unnecessary risks
Instant gratification over long term safety & security
Impulsive rather than conservative 

These are the types of challenges this person has to deal with in life. This will create a huge amount of stress and tension on emotional level for this Cap moon. Cap moon doesn't show this stress easily though. The worry will be on the inside, Jupiter might have the person projecting that everything is just fine, on the outside while the pressure on the heart is maxed out with tension and stress on inner level. Cap moon keeps calm and stable under stress, though perhaps moodiness shows at times.

 Capricorn is the worry sign. They feel extra pressure to have high amount of morality and integrity, always needing to do what's right and expected of them. Aries doesn't care about what others say or need from them, they are an individual that is living life in the moment, and they often live that life like an enthusiastic child excited by all the explorations to come. Aries doesn't act with consequences on the mind. Capricorn does though, as Cap has been around the block a few times, knowing what can happen if not making good solid plans before action. 

In order for this person to find emotional peace, safety and security, they need to honor the Capricorn inside of self. They need will-power, discipline and structure. They need that nest-egg of resources at all times. However, Jupiter in Aries impulsiveness arrives out of the blue in any given moment that tells the person they need to go buy this food or other comfort purchase to feel safe and secure in that very moment, even if it's not needed! There is a root cause that goes way back for as to why this person is dealing with these impulses for instant gratification. Working on healing those roots causes will go long way in helping build discipline but knowing how strong the aspect is will show how far this person has come in that progress. 

We are not all created equal. One person won't have this struggle, and yet the person born with this aspect will find it very difficult to over-come no matter how wise they are. The fact that this aspect only gets stronger all thru life means the struggle will always be there, the universe will not be helping the person learn it or let go of it. If the aspect 40 years later is weaker or gone, then that's an indication the universe has helped the person conqueror it, or at least use it to benefit their life purpose in some way where it's no longer a problem. 

This aspect isn't meant to only take out the Aries influence and serve the Capricorn. Aries must be honored as well. It's a tricky balance to find, and this person will be taking effort to balance it all thru life.  both forces are fighting for dominance, it's just that Jupiter in Aries is much stronger than moon in Capricorn, so the person's emotional energy and stress level if effected by impulsive action past comfort zone. Both sides need to be honored.This moon must also learn not to be like a pure Capricorn. It's a unique moon with unique needs, including its Aries influence. Perhaps one day, they will have more than one nest egg. One long term that isn't touched while also having an impulse fund. Taking risky adventure while still taking at least short amount of time to plan factoring in safety concerns before plowing forward into the unknown. These are examples of how to better balance this aspect. But when it comes to acting on impulsive emotional needs, it takes a large amount of discipline not to act on it, which is easier said than done.

You can analyze any natal aspect by using progressions to find out where the person is at in regards to those lessons, using the outer planet progress as indicator.

So if person is born with say Venus square Saturn. Then we look at where progressed Saturn is in relation to that natal Venus point. Has it gotten stronger or weaker over the years? Or let's say sun square Neptune. How far has Neptune progressed from the natal sun point? This is the technique i use to find out - the outer planet's progress! 

Thanks for reading, i hope you found it interesting and helpful. Feel free to leave questions and comments below.


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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Aquarius full moon/eclipse Aug 18 2016 - system shock - consciousness expansion

The Aquarius full moon/eclipse will be exact Thurs Aug 18 2016 at 2:26 am Pacific time, 5:26 am Eastern at 25 degrees 51 minutes. Check your chart to see if you have any energy points around those degrees in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). If you do, this is going to be important eclipse for you. In general it's powerful energy for all of us hinting at the beginning of a shadow release process over the next 6 months that has been hidden, up until now.

This eclipse is the 1st of a 3 part process that ties in with the next eclipses on Sept 1 and Sept 16.

Moon in Aquarius opposition to sun in Leo
Full moon tension peaks in the social sign of Aquarius that's opposing the sun in Leo. This is important factor to the big picture energy right now, as most of the energy is in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) being T-squared by Saturn and Mars. This full moon/eclipse will soon move into that energy next, but first it's bringing a disruption to the mind and heart in order to shake you out of any tendencies to stay fixed in old perceptions, so you can effectively adjust to the upcoming changes. Moon in Aquarius allows for intellectual emotional understanding without getting too emotionally invested or overwhelmed in that thought process.

Aquarius is the rebel sign, it doesn't like to follow rules; the sign that has vision and innovation capabilities. It's the weirdo sign, which we all should embrace in ourselves sometimes. It's also about the group, not just the self. Leo on the other hand is about our sense of self importance, ego, pride, the heart, passion, etc. Egos can easily be activated by this energy as opposition rules the air now - self importance vs detachment from that importance; self needs vs group needs; expression vs observation; heart vs mind, etc.

Eclipse chaos
Lunar eclipse energy is about the shadow, what's being hidden, emotional/mental disruptions, unexpected changes, and a slow release of all that so to regain more balance with the light, after light suddenly disappears when it shouldn't, helping perceive what was before too shadowy to understand.

This process doesn't always come easy. Aquarius is the electricity sign as well, along with being sextile to Uranus while the sun is trine Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) during this eclipse indicates nervousness, anxiety, mental confusion and other pulses of energy that is running thru our system now, shaking things up. This effects everyone different depending on their own mental state.

 For weaker minds, it can be too much, so in general people tend to get more erratic, unstable and down right crazy under this full moon/eclipse influence. Stay conscious and alert to your surroundings while out in public. Try not to provoke anyone. Try to mentally observe what's taking place within/without, and without judging. For the stronger minds, new insights, awareness, flashes of genius, etc is all possible without impulsiveness acting out, but still creates a shock to the system, regardless.

This is fated energy. One must be very mindful of action and consequences now.

FM/eclipse connected to South Node

I'm not going to get too deep into this connection to the South Node yet because the next two eclipses will make all this easier to understand. This current appulse lunar eclipse won't hide the light of the sun's reflection off the moon visually, therefore the shadow isn't seen, quite yet - but, it's felt/perceived by those with some depth perception even if not fully understood. This eclipse is stirring up the shadow connected to past beliefs, opinions, habits, addictions, tendencies to self sacrifice, illusions, hidden health matters, disease. etc. that has had a wounding effect on people for a long time, maybe even generations. The collective consciousness will be trying to change in some way over the next six months. This is another step in the evolution process of humanity, although the steps are many, never ending. Not everyone is capable of acceptance, and letting go. Crisis can easily show up to force that evolution - in one way, or another.

Chiron /Jupiter/Mercury/Uranus/moon - Finger of God
Wounds deep within that hold you back have surprise opportunity for more healing as life events next few months are fated and force more understanding thru what's said, knowledge learned, communication, circumstances, etc. This requires a willingness to check what you believe in, or what you've been told to believe in, without letting your pride and ego get in the way. Maybe you've had it all wrong this entire time? I know, the ego side of you doesn't want to hear that. If you don't oppose the alternative perceptions, beliefs and opinions coming at you for a while, then you can make huge strides at deeper levels of self knowledge and healing, because these lessons do hold some kind of value for you over the next few months, and  into the rest of your life.

Mars/Saturn Sagittarius Aug 24
Mars is reflective of our will and drive. Saturn reflects authority. These two are meeting up in Sag around the 24th of Aug. It's powerful energy that is a battle within you about whom holds the power and authority over your life - your own impulsive inner desires, or your sense of obligation and responsibility. This gets reflected in outer life as well - them vs you. You are about to make a decision who has the power and authority over your life, and that decision has fated consequences for good or bad. This action started after Aug 24 takes two years to fully complete.

The "law" is about to be layed down and enforced, as to what you do next. As people fight themselves within, people could also uprise and attack the authorities of society, but might find the authority is stronger than they expected. The energy is very unstable now, extreme caution should be used. You have to do things the most appropriate way, while still allowing for innovation or it won't work.

Whatever you are moving towards, the action you are taking is running into a big road block around Aug 24. It's a check-point, forced slow down and a big test before you are allowed to continue on that path. If you have been doing it "right" without cutting corners, finding the details and being wise and mature with it all, then you will pass the test with flying colors. If you have been rushing it, not seeing the fine print, not acting with integrity, etc, you might just find yourself denied! This will cause you to take care of what your master tells you to do. Are you your own authority, or do you project that power onto other people?

Expect and accept delays for best results. Don't push too hard!

These are karmic times so not everything is in our full control right now. We can control our emotional reactions, thought process, level of detachment, etc, but don't think you have full control over every detail of your life circumstances. If you let impulsiveness drive you now, you're in dangerous territory. Use caution! What you do the next few weeks could change your life forever (positive or negative)- it's fated!

The moon enters Pisces at 9:35 am PDT 12:35 pm Eastern Thursday Aug 18 only a few hours after this Aquarius FM eclipse.
This changes the emotional energy to very sensitive over the next few days while activating the Mutable t-square that I was talking about above. Escapism, or do you face it?

This energy is very dynamic full of the unexpected. One side of the t-square is Virgo with lots of energy there causing some people to be anal-retentive, too direct, bringing up too much logic, lacking imagination and subtle influences such as the spiritual & inner knowing. The other side is Pisces that has great imagination and intuition but opposed by the logic, or the realism that some things are just "made up" or full on illusions, false beliefs, etc. Yet, not everything that can't be measured, or understood logically is unreal. Some things are indeed, illusions though. Reality is subjective to a certain degree. Saturn/Mars at the apex of this opposition of Virgo/Pieces is about to dictate what your reality truly is. It's dogmatic to the core. People think they have it all figured out and won't be shy letting you know what they think, which can activate sensitivities and wounds for some people. The "law" is about to force something on you. Stay open minded for best results. Don't fight for your subjective reality. Let go of trying to control other people. Don't allow them to control you.

It's best to let go of all that wants release over the next 2 weeks without a fight. Anything you know that is unhealthy, trying to come up, that's been holding you back is ready to be understood, accepted and released. All that which was hidden will be exposed over the next few months. Some big surprises on world stage too. Sept 1 has Virgo New Moon Solar eclipse. It's going to rock your world.

This is just the beginning, give it all time, don't push too hard against anything.

I wish you all happy consciousness expansion!


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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Astrology of Local Space

The Astrology of Local Space is a form of location astrology. Unlike Astrocartography, it relies on the horizons to understand what direction your planetary energies are in. All your planets and energy points are laid out flat creating a circle around you. This circle of personal energy is with you no matter where you go.

I wanted to try and explain this technique because i'm now including these reports in my services. Most people have never heard of this and what it can be used for. There is not very many astrologers offering this service.

So what can we do with this knowledge about the invisible circle of different energies surrounding us at any given moment? It's quite fascinating, really. This circle of energy can be used on any scale, very small down to a few feet radius, to very large scale, circling the entire globe. You can use your birth location lines which will always be true for you, but you can also use them relocated on smaller scale.

On smallest scale you can place this circle in the center of a map of your home's floor plan, aligning North with North. This will tell you the energy of what every area of your home is. For example, you might find one area in your home very nice & comfortable while not feeling that way about a different room or section in your home. This will also make it easy to arrange your home in a way that best fits with your personal astrology. The part of your home that has your Saturn or Mars line will feel much different than say the areas that have your Venus & Jupiter lines, etc.

One note of caution about these personal planetary lines of yours is, you can't just say Venus line is Venus. These lines are based on your own personal birth chart. So if you want to be on your Venus line, you must fully understand what Venus energy brings you based on your own chart, including her sign, house and aspects, etc. If your Venus has a very challenging aspect to say Saturn, moving in that direction will enhance that natal aspect of yours. This is true for all your planetary birth placements and aspects. Another thing to consider is your current transits and progressions. Say you have transit Saturn conjunct your natal Venus this year, (30 year cycle) then being on your Venus line will only enhance the effects of that Saturn transit, which can be challenging and restrictive.

Another small scale example of how Local Space can be used is placing this personal circle of energy on a map of your town/city centered from your home address, again aligning North with North.  This will show what areas of your town have your personal planetary lines running thru them.

Looking for something of value in your local area, or a place that will be more pleasurable than other areas of town?  You could try your Venus line, rather than say your Saturn line. However, if you wanted to find a business that is dependable and reliable than perhaps your Saturn line would work well. Want to avoid dangerous areas, than avoid the side of town that has Mars running through it, unless you want to find a good gym or something for increase in energy. Your moon line might feel good and comforting, depending. Each line offers something different based on your birth chart. You can keep expanding the scale to county, state, region, country, and world, based on your birth location or relocation.

If you don't want to figure all this out on your own, then you might want to have an astrologer do it for you, one familiar with local space, like me :)

I have been offering Local Space reports for $60 but I'm so sick of how much everything costs these days, that I've decided to lower the price to $40.00 USD for up to three locations! One location can be floor plan, the town you live in, or any place around the globe. It's up to you what three locations you choose. If it's a floor plan, then you would of course have to email me copy of that floor plan. I can do town or world locations on my own using Google Earth.

If you don't know what locations to have me look at, but are thinking about a trip, move or want to know where a certain kind of energy is for you, then i can try and find those places for you. Or you can give me one place to report on and i'll offer the other two for you. or whatever you want. Just tell me what you are looking for and want in this report.

If interested, just follow the link below and order the report. Then email me astrohawk11@gmail.com with your birth data and what you want me to report on. It could take up to 4 days before i'll have it completed and sent off to you. I'll let you know time frame in confirmation email.
Thanks for your interest!

Order Local Space Report Here.

       Local Space Report
            $40.00 USD
        Three Locations


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Things to know before you try and interpret Return Charts

There is a lot of different methods to astrological interpretation. So many people just accept everything they read without doing any real testing on their own to determine what really works. Unfortunately, that takes time and experience to figure out. If you don't want to do that, then you just have to rely on the knowledge of others.

I'm going to list a few important thoughts about return charts.

The biggest bull i hear all the time is that "well. if you don't like that chart just go someplace new in the world at the time of the return and it will all magically change". That sounds a bit arrogant to me. Space bodies have cycles that can't be changed with different location or wishful thinking. A return chart has to be read in the context of how it aligns with the person's birth chart. If you are trying to create an electional chart, to bring something into creation, then sure using time & location, relying on the horizon does work, just not in the context of a return for something that is already in existence. The alignments from one space body to another is what's most important in the return chart. Those aspect don't change by moving away.

House Systems 

House systems can't be trusted. Although, Whole sign tends to be most accurate in showing what area of life the energy is in. Remember, there is no house cusps in the sky, so using them is using your imagination which will vary from person to person depending on what house system is being used. There is so many different house systems, and they will totally change the interpretation of a chart, so how could you feel good about just "picking one" and trusting it to tell you what's really happening? Your accuracy will suffer if you don't have a good grip on this fact. Again, there is no house cusps in the sky.

However, If you do rely on those fake cusps, how close is the planet to the cusp, regardless of what side of the line it's on? If the planet is say at 12 deg in 9th house, yet the 10th H cusp is at 13 degrees same sign, that should be interpreted as conjunct 10th H cusp. Actually, any energy point within 10 deg on either side of a cusp should be interpreted as conj that cusp. House systems mess up peoples accuracy.

 Another thing to consider is that using only one house system for all people and all charts is foolish. Some systems might tell an accurate story about one chart, or even one planet in the chart while another system will be more accurate for a different planet in the same chart, etc. You are going to have to investigate the person deeper, fully understanding where their energy belongs in their own natal chart before even attempting to accurately determine what house is being activated in Return.

Remember, houses are only showing what energy is attached to each of the 12 areas of life. Nothing more. For this reason, i trust the Whole Sign house system more than any other to tell me what area of life a planet is in. A lot of astrologers with the most experience use Whole Sign as well, including Robert Hand. I'm not just making this stuff up.

Also, i don't even relocate progressed charts, although i use to, i find it a mistake now. Always trust the birth location, it's the most accurate. I don't even relocate the Return charts anymore. I might look at them relocated just to get an idea but i base everything on the person's birth location. This was suggested to me by Dawn Bodrogi (a very experienced astrologer ). I have found this to work very well.

 Some people have only seen their birth chart with one house system that came with it. Those folks are really missing out on deeper truths. There is no house cusps in the sky and in the beginning no astrologer ever used them. Whatever sign was Rising started the 1st house. Simple as that.

 If I want to factor in the horizon i also look at Equal Houses, relying on the degree of the Ascendant at time of birth to determine degree of each cusp. Equal houses seems to be second best to Whole Sign.

Natal chart, Progressed chart, transits.

With that said about houses, the next thing to really understand is the person's natal chart, progressed chart and transits before the SR chart. Those don't change by moving away. For example: I have transit Saturn Rising on my Ascendant this next year (30 year cycle). Saturn also showed up in the 1st house in one version of my SR. Someone asked me "do you want that?" Do i want it? umm, sure. There is no choice. No matter where i go, transit Saturn will be in my natal 1st house for a year. Even if i could change that fact, why would i want to? This only happens for a year every 30 years and marks a huge turning point and maturing phase for me on many levels. Why would i want to miss that boat? Yea, let's try and out run Saturn, sounds wise. Not really. Yes, this will be a tough year but anything that involves Saturn, you don't want to hide from, trust me. It will come back to bite you one day, most likely on Saturn Return. Face the energies in transit you are meant to experience regardless if it's tough or not. Not that you have a choice, i'm just sayin.

Placing the return chart inside the natal chart shows what aspects will be in place for that cycle, no matter where on earth you are - your natal chart always rules over everything else.

This shows the transits to the natal chart at time of solar return. Very important! 

After all those considerations above, then you can look at the return chart by itself, but don't take the houses too seriously! It's only giving you a rough idea. For example, the return chart below shows the house line up based on my birth location. This will make my SR chart 0 degrees Sagittarius Rising. And yet, if I relocate the chart to just an hour away, it would be Scorpio Rising, creating entirely different interpretation. Which one to believe?? Always trust your natal location! This will be the most accurate chart as for the areas of life being activated (houses).

Don't relocate your return chart and think you have control over what energies the universe sends you in that cycle.

Try and avoid basing your entire reading on the house information. Look at the aspects, rulers, etc. That info will have solid truths in it. Where is this person at in life based on their transits and progressions? Don't try and know what this person will get in return if you don't know who they are astrologically at birth and by progression. It's foolish and bad astrology. The aspects never lie, they can always be trusted, houses and time of birth cannot be trusted. People don't always really know their exact time of birth, but aspects usually will be correct just knowing the day. 

So by itself, a return chart won't tell you much besides how the planets are connecting to each other. Go deeper, do better work. Don't think you have control over the universe. 

Anyway, just some thoughts if you are trying to figure out how to read a return. It all depends on what type of return. Solar return can be a mini birth chart for the year, but only if you factor in everything i said above. Other returns are not read like a natal chart. Don't base anything off the Ascendant unless it's from birth location. The Ascendant is so important, but only if it's an accurate one.

Test out and experiment for yourself, over a long period of time before you decide on techniques.
I hope it was helpful.