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Friday, December 2, 2016

New Astrological Services

I'm now going to start offering a different form of astrological services. I'm experimenting with ways to be more productive and also make services more affordable for people.

I've been offering long transit and progression reports for the last 5 years detailing the astrology and what it might mean, but it's mentally and energetically very exhausting for me and hard to do more than a couple reports in one day.

Back in ancient times, astrologers did not offer birth readings, rather, people came to them with questions that they wanted answered. This is the type of service the great famous astrologer William Lilly provided.

Lilly used a technique called Horary, which although can be very accurate, I won't be using that method to answer your question. I have my own personal favorite methods including using a variety of different techniques and charts to find the most likely answer for you.

This new service will only cost $15.00 per question, and answered through email within 5 days of purchase, usually sooner though.  My answer will not include the details of your astrology, or any other complex explanations, rather just a simple paragraph or two stating my professional astrological opinion on what I think the answer is. It's very possible the answer is not what you will want to hear, so you must be prepared for whatever that is. I will always be honest with you and not sugarcoat anything. I don't do passiveness, I like directness.

There is some questions I am not able to answer so please make sure you think long and hard about what you want to know before ordering this service from me. I reserve the right not to answer any question that I think is inappropriate for you to hear, or that I don't know, including questions about death. Some astrologers say death cannot be seen in a chart, but I disagree, the astrological chart is symbolic of everything, although astrologers will not give you this info even if they are skilled in this foresight. I feel knowing such fate can do you more harm than good.

At this time I cannot list every type of question that I won't answer, however if I do get a question that i'm not willing to answer for any reason I will simply refund your money.

Example of questions I'm willing to answer include: 

"How is my career/work prospects looking this year?"

"Will this be a year of finding my great love?"

"How does my partner really feel about me?"
(note: any questions about you and other people will require their Full birth details as well.)

"Should I buy this big item right now, or wait for a better time?"

"What is the biggest thing I should know about my life this year?"

"Where would be a great place for me to vacation?"

"Where could I move to get better work opportunities?"

"Is the next phase in my relationship (family/romantic/business/friendship etc) easy or a challenge?"

I'm also willing to take questions about sexuality such as insight into deeper aspects of yourself or your partner that you might not be totally conscious of at this point in time, such as what might be needed to feel greater pleasure, or just general curiosity on my opinion about such matters.

If you do have sexual questions, you must be prepared for graphic bold answers that can trigger hidden intensity and resistance to.  I'm not looking for you to tell me if it's true or not, i'm only offering my opinion and insight for you to ponder. I have no judgments, or projections, i'm only the messenger. If You are truly open to what I say, give it some thought and come to the conclusion that it's not for you, then great, you're only out $15. But please do not be offended by my answer.

These are just a few examples of questions, but i'm open to most things you have on your mind. Any question about your birth chart, Solar Return, Venus Return or Progressed chart is acceptable too. Just let me know what you would like greater insight into.

Obviously i'm not doing this to get rich. I have a genuine need to be of service to people and i'm appalled by how much everything costs in this world today. So here is an affordable solution for you. 

If you have more than one question, just change the quantity on the form. List your question under the additional information box on Paypal order form with payment, or email me.

Thank you for reading and your interest in my services. You can order from this page here. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sagittarius New Moon Nov 29 2016

It looks like this Sagittarius moon, in general, has people optimistic and excited about starting some kind of new activity in the near future. This could include cooperating with others, but for some people could also have some tension & stress associated with it, making it feel heavy too.

Your long term plans can feel exciting but Saturn with this new moon is asking for a reality check, discernment and separating reality from illusion. If you can do this, your dreams and visions for the future do have potential to become real. However sabotage or self sacrificing is real possibility too.

This new start could be about anything; new commitment, new job, some kind of adventure, joining an organization, social events, travel, education related, publishing, sports, legal stuff, trials, personal relationships, etc, etc.etc. It will be different for each individual of course.

It's also possible that there could even be sudden changes/opportunities that you were not expecting, that you have to start preparing for in the month of December, but some of that might not be rooted in reality. It's time to be honest with self and do the work necessary to create what you want for your future, taking responsibility for it, but without sabotage getting in the way.  It's a good time to make a commitment to that process now.

Whatever this is for you, i should say that it's involving a Mercury retrograde phase and a Neptune confusion element about these matters that you're not quite clear about yet. There is something hidden behind the scenes that if you're not careful with could lead to disappointment/disillusionment later. Whatever is started now won't be fully understood and final until the end of January 2017. But those seeds are being planted now.

I don't want to discourage you from proceeding with whatever comes up, as long as you are aware, and not just seeing what you want to see. If you stay grounded, realistic and objective then i think it could work out fine, albeit with a few adjustments later after things become more clear. This will be a process though that we all have to go thru. Some fears could appear, because you might not know what exactly will happen. Courage, trust & faith is necessary. Guard too from being overly idealistic.

That's on the everyday life mundane level, in general. If nothing new happens in your outer life, i still see other more inner opportunities for starting something new as well. There is a great deal of spiritual energy in this next moon cycle. It's perfect for starting a new spiritual practice or renewing an old one. Also anything creative and imaginative done in healthy way - Music, magic, film, entertaining with illusion/fantasy, etc. are all very good outlets for this next moon cycle.

I should also say however, that beliefs and opinions around spirituality and religion, world views, what's right or wrong, are all very strong for people right now to the point of dogma. This can be very confusing for people that are still shaping their beliefs, and a challenge for those that feel threatened by opposing views.

There is a big theme of contradictions. I feel everyone is being asked to make some adjustments to their long held beliefs and opinions that might not be as valid anymore. One problem is there is many half truths. Both people can actually be "right" and "wrong" at the same time. The more confident you are in your beliefs and philosophy on life or what's possible, the less threatened you will be by what others believe. With Neptune in hard aspect right now, I think on some levels, we all have it wrong in some ways and need to do better job at letting go of ego and pride while searching for more inner truth.

This new beginning is taking place in your Sagittarius house, but your Pisces house is where there is something you're not quite aware of yet, that could either be a sabotage to self, from your own psychological mind, or even deceit or sabotage from others that you deal with in your Pisces area of life.

Below I will list a general interpretation of what areas of life this has to do with based on your Rising sign. Now, people use all kinds of different house systems, making houses many different possibilities but i will base it off the oldest and most reliable method - your Ascendant and whole sign houses. You might also want to read your progressed rising sign, usually the sign after your birth Ascendant and if you're old enough could be the 2nd sign from your Ascendant.

This Sag new moon is at 7 degrees 42 minutes, exact at  4:18 am PST Nov 29 2016.

Aries Rising - New moon is a fresh start for any travel plans, legal stuff, education, publishing, world philosophy, spirituality, relationships, groups, going after hopes and dreams, etc. This is connected to your natal Mars and Jupiter houses as well. There could be sabotage from your own mind, or something hidden behind the scenes that you are not aware of yet. It will take some time for these plans to become more clear. Any addictions you have will be getting in the way of achieving your long term vision. More work on your spiritual health could be needed. Also be careful of someone secretly tying to undermine you.

Taurus Rising - Fresh start for your shared resources/money matters, health or education, deep personal changes, sexuality, emotional intimacy changes, or daily routine with others, and long term plans. You need to be honest with yourself if your intuition feels something is off around new activity with your friends, groups, and other people in general. Are they being too idealistic, only seeing what they want to see, leading you astray? Ground yourself, take small steps to get where you want to be.

Gemini Rising - This is new beginning energy for relationships and long term partnerships, possibly letting go or making new commitments. It could be biz related too. Could also be related to children, starting something creative with others that feels fun and joyful, and could be about shared money themes. You should make sure that you're not going to sabotage this because of your career matters, or from people you work with, like bosses, or because of reputation sake, public image, etc. Don't tell the world what you are up to until it's solid and real, or people could undermine you.

Cancer Rising - This is fresh energy to start new daily routine on any level, including your personal health - mind, body & spirit. What you do for work could also be ready for change. This could be connected to changes in home and family relationships for your daily life. Maybe a new exciting opportunity comes but you should be careful that your old sense of reality, beliefs and opinions about what's possible doesn't sabotage you, or any addictions that have strong hold on you, stopping you from going after what you want. Careful that people in your 9th house area of life such as peers, teachers, govt, etc, or your fantasy that the grass in greener on the other side, doesn't lead you astray either.

Leo Rising - You have new energy for your creativity and what brings you the most joy in life. A Retreat is possible too. Learning new things could help create something long lasting for you that is fun & passionate. Also, children could be connected to this new start. Other possibilities could include short trips, lots of busy activity, communication, neighbors, siblings, writing, networking etc. Your creative energy is high. You should be careful that other people you share resources with, like partners don't undermine you and your plans because of jealousy, suspicion, possessiveness, control, etc. Also don't let unrealistic fantasy get the better of you. Ground to mother earth and create what you need for more happiness.

Virgo Rising - You have new beginning potential for home and family matters, self, partners, vocation. real estate, new understanding of the past, roots, what you need to feel secure in your home at this point, etc. There could be opportunities for your children in some way that requires financial commitment but is a little bit of power struggle. Or something fun that you want to do but money and power struggles is concern. I hate to say it, but you should be aware that your partner(s), family members, or other close relationships don't try and undermine your plans, consciously or otherwise. Also don't sabotage self because of a need to unnecessarily sacrifice out of you thinking you can't start what you have in mind because the needs of others in your life come first.

Libra Rising - This is new energy for all those creative things you've had on your mind and want to do. Jupiter is in your 1st house this year giving you luck and opportunities. Writing projects, net working, short trips, relationships with friends, siblings, neighbors, etc all have fresh start potential for you now. There could be a little bit of power struggle & manipulation from people in your home and family life because of fears of change. Changes to home and family life is possible. A new way in which you see your roots is possible, more understanding which leads to changes. With Neptune transit your 6th house you should be careful of sabotage from people in your everyday routine, health officials, etc, or from chasing after illusory health concerns. Any health matters you're dealing with are most likely psychological and spiritual in nature, which effects the physical. Your spiritual health is more important now than ever this year. Don't treat the side effects, get to the roots. Don't sacrifice self for the needs of others if not truly necessary.

Scorpio Rising - This is new start for money/resource matters, what you need for safety and security, your sense of self esteem, understanding what you value at this point, making financial commitments, etc. There might be some hidden or behind the scenes activity with others soon, but sabotage can come from not being willing to give up something fun to do the new, or feeling like you need to sacrifice what you want because of children or other close people in your life. Don't fall for the trap, take care of self too.

Sagittarius Rising - This is a new start for yourself, the person you identify with and project out unto the world. You have a rare Saturn transit this year reflecting a maturing process on all levels, including physically.  Many changes could start this year including home and family life, partners, career, reputation, personal health, etc. You need to be careful people in your home and family don't undermine your plans. In fact, it might be best not to tell people your plans until they have become solid and real. Also make sure you don't sacrifice what you need based on illusory ideas of what your family and close relationships need. New career/public image, groups and friendships opportunities/expansion are likely but can create some power struggles in your personal and financial relationships.

Capricorn Rising - This is new beginning energy for your psychological and spiritual health. Saturn in your 12th house this year is bringing up a lot of old stuff for you to process, including fears. More understanding will happen in December/Jan that allows for new beginnings but adjustments will be necessary. It's possible you need to retreat and recharge your batteries for the upcoming year. You might also start new activities behind the scenes with groups, institutions, charities, humanitarian stuff, etc, but dealing with your own hangups and fears should be the utmost priority. Careful of sabotage from siblings, neighbors, people in your everyday life, or feeling like you need to sacrifice for them in unhealthy ways. Be careful of what you say, your intellect is going through some very sensitive spiritual (for some people, illusionary) thought processes. Also your friends and peers can undermine your sense of reality as well. This is a very rare sensitive time for your mind, you are picking up on things that most people cannot perceive, but can be confusing as well. You need to ground yourself for best results while still allowing for the sensitivity. Better intellectual and friendship boundaries will be helpful.

Aquarius Rising - New beginning potential for friends, groups, ambitions, hopes and dreams. You could have new educational opportunities, traveling, or doing something with others in a group setting. But you need to be careful of money, being deceived, misled, or letting your values slide. Money can slip thru your fingers, so be honest with yourself about what other people are offering you, and how realistic that is. You could face power struggles from behind the scenes, passive aggressiveness and manipulation. Your friendship energy wants to mature but letting go of those whom are no longer healthy for you can be difficult. On the other hand, if all is well, don't sacrifice this opportunity because of money. There is always a way if you want it bad enough.

Pisces Rising - This is a new beginning for your reputation and public image. People are seeing you more as an authority now, but can also project onto you what they think you are, only to feel disappointed later when you don't live up to their expectations. Your own self image is very confusing this year with some contradictions. and projecting illusionary traits about yourself. This is because of a rare Neptune transit in your rising sign. You've always been sensitive but this energy enhances that even more. You are entering a long shape-shifting phase. You can be whatever you want to be, but also addictions can undermine you. as well and sacrificing self for a greater good. Don't let others define your identity for you. Your public image could be much more spiritual or dreamy this year and for several years. You might have new opportunities to expand career with partnerships an shared resources. Be willing to make some adjustments to those plans later when things are more clear. But do plant the seeds now.

Good luck all, happy Sag moon.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Neptune phase - What we see as the holier than thou

Lately I've been thinking about the future of America. There is many signs of great change on the horizon that go beyond the obvious. Neptune's position in the tropical zodiac, along with Pluto and Uranus correspond to the global events of the times. Neptune it seems, is a big player in this. Neptune has 164 year cycle that works within the 2,160 year phase of a roughly 26.000 year cycle - The Great Year.

In a way, Neptune's position shows us what mankind is currently idealizing, much like a god. It's what the people see as divine and worth sacrificing for. We have been in the age of Pisces since the beginning of the christian era, a couple thousand years, and currently transitioning into the age of Aquarius.

This transition between ages does not happen quickly, there is a gray zone blending the two ages together. This gray area can last a few hundred years before the current age becomes the more dominate energy. This makes sense if you think about it, as 2,160 years is a long time. 

When we change decades it always feels like the times of the last ten years. It usually takes a few years to really start feeling like that new decade. It's no different with the ages, it's just on a much bigger scale, therefore takes a few hundred years before it becomes more noticeable.

The age of Pisces was definitely about faith and religion, whereas the Aquarian age is more about science and technology. The world's belief in "god" is slowly fading. People sense this but are still hanging on tight to the old ways as this transition to the new age unfolds. 

When it comes to Neptune, every time it changes signs, it takes a little bit of that past sign energy into the next. What can Neptune tell us about the future of the United States, if we look at past cycles?

Neptune spends about 14 years in each sign. If we look back a few decades, we see Neptune in Capricorn 1980s thru 90s was the era where we idealized capitalism with big ambitions to succeed at business. Capricorn is very practical with need for real world achievement. This is what we saw as divine and willing to sacrifice for in that era (the cold war).

Then Neptune entered Aquarius in the late 90s thru 2012. This was the era of idealizing science. Science became the new god. But again the 14 year Neptune phase is working within a greater cycle of the ages and so the Pisces age was still hanging on, religion still hanging on. This faith did take a big hit during Neptune's 14 year phase in Aquarius when scientists were feeling holier than thou, and, they are still trying to hold onto that fame.

When Neptune entered Pisces in 2012, where it still is today, it brought another surge of spirituality, faith and religion. Do to the Aquarian age influence, there is still a mixture but the "new age" spirituality is the result, although the old faiths are still hanging on too. This 14 year phase is definitely highlighting this old religious vibe that the world has been in for the last couple thousand years.

So what can we expect when Neptune enters Aries in 2025 for 14 years?

0 degrees Aries is called the Aries point and is probably the most powerful degree of all 360. Aries- ruled by Mars is the god of war. Neptune here will idealize freedom, conquest and war as the new god. The world will see war as a necessary means to get what we desire. The cost of war will be seen as something worth sacrificing for.

This isn't the type of war vibe that is constant in the world, it will be on entirely different level, possibly leading to global war, if not, at least in the United States. This is because America is a Cancer sign. Anytime Neptune is in Aries, Libra or Capricorn, America faces huge wars because those signs are at odds with Cancer. This can be seen in history of you look back.

The last time Neptune entered Aries was April 13 1861, the day after the American civil war started. 82 years before that, Neptune entered Libra opposite the Aries point, which coincided with the American War of Independence turning into a global war in 1778. These facts are a good indication of what will happen in the future when Neptune enters Aries.

Also, 4-5 years before this happens, the world will have a rare Saturn conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn, which hasn't happened for over 500 years. This conjunction will be opposite the United States sun sign of Cancer. This will be a new beginning for some kind of power and control dynamic of the country which leads to Neptune entering Aries a few years later, possibly correlating to global war again.

Another indication of possible global conflict for the decade of the 2020s is the Uranus cycle, which i won't get into detail here, but i will say that it was 1934 the last time Uranus was at the degrees in Aries that it's at today. That's when the German people were building themselves up for what was to become. When Uranus entered Taurus WWll was on, the revolution was about fighting for new values. Uranus will once again enter Taurus in 2018 - 2025, right when Neptune conjuncts the Aries point.

In my opinion this indicates an escalation and build up to another global war, anywhere from around 2018 - 2025.

I do think mankind is headed for a more peaceful world phase one day, but history shows that nothing happens overnight, things take time to play-out. Perhaps, it's this global war that leads to more peace after that. I'm not big on fear or promoting the negative but Astrology shows us some hard truths sometimes, and right now Neptune in Pisces will have us believe that humans are ascending all this evil of the past, into a new realm of mind over matter and magical powers with lots of love, peace and joy (Pisces/Aquarius age). Maybe that's true, one day, but it's not right now and perhaps there has to be catalyst for people to find that peace loving divine consciousness.

 It's slowly starting already no doubt, seen by the new age folks but we are still far from what they envision, still in a long transition. Their role in the new age movement is helpful, but even if we reach that phase, nothing stays the same forever. 

Will there be a WWlll? Imo, it's very likely.
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Taurus full moon Nov 14 2016 - Illuminating basic material needs

Full Moon 22 deg Taurus - ruler Venus 3 deg Capricorn
Nov 14 2016 at 5:52 am PST 

Polarity between:
Taurus & Scorpio
Emotional & Material Security
The pleasure of physical senses

There was a seed of intention planted in your life consciously or otherwise back on May 6 2016 with the Taurus new moon. Now, as the moon is full in Taurus, it's time for that intention to manifest into material reality. If manifestation failed, there can be awareness as to why.

Venus, the ruler of this Taurus full moon, is in Capricorn. This suggest an influence of maturity and realism about some basic material needs that need to be met in your life right now, before any other interests, plans, goals, etc can be achieved. A stable secure base needs to be setup below the mountain, before you can climb it, so to speak.

There is emotional insight available reflected by the opposition between the sun and moon. If there is discomfort, or lack of something, it's a way of showing you what's needed in order to have more stability and security in your life. You're realizing the importance of the small things. That basic foundation of security has to be solid before you can build upon it, or before you can enjoy any other parts of life.

Find your Taurus house and 2nd house, plus understand your own personal moon needs and this should be further insight into what is wanting more balance in your life right now, on a physical level.

Having these basic needs met actually influences your self esteem too. It's different for everyone depending on how they feel about the material world, plus it's on different scales & circumstances, but there's always some basic individual needs that a person has to have in life, if they want to feel stable and secure.

This is a very material moon. What do you value the most in these regards? What has to be there no matter what?

Yea we all have the very basic needs:
Food, water, shelter, etc but just a little beyond that, there's more.

What keeps you feeling secure in the physical world.
What you value, and what your sense of self worth is dependent on.
You can't delve into deeper areas of life without a few basics needs fulfilled 1st.

Money? Sex? Things? People? There's no judgement here.

These things can be as simple as, needing to live in a place that has trees rather than a desert, or vice versa. Maybe you need water around you. Maybe it's climate, your soul just doesn't thrive in certain places. It could be that you need a certain kind of food in your life even if it's more expensive, etc, etc.

 This could be about money for sure. Maybe you realize that in order to get what you want, you're going to have to get more money. There can be opposition and possessiveness when it comes to shared resources with others. Partners can be more controlling and possessive of each other. There can be a need for more pleasure in your life. Maybe you or your partner isn't into sex as much anymore causing imbalance. Your personal "musts" could be anything, but they must be fulfilled.

Your body is very much part of this energy, have you been taking good care of it? Is there something for self care that you're realizing you need on regular basis? Is your strength and stamina healthy?

Do you allow enough pleasure for your physical senses? This is earth you know, if you not taking time to smell the roses and feel good, you missin out man.

Think about the small basic things, and go from there. The sun in Scorpio is energizing the psychological roots of these needs, but don't judge them. This is part of having a human experience. Emotional stability is dependent on your very basic needs, whatever it is for you personally. Honor that.

 Make plans to achieve this balance that the sun moon opposition is tugging on right now, allow things to change without being overly stubborn about it. Release what's not important, focus on what is the basic necessities. Simple as that.

Happy Taurus moon.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Scorpio New Moon Oct 30 2016 - Transforming the Dark to Light

This Scorpio new moon is exact on Sunday, Oct 30 2016 at 10:38 am PDT.

If you've been following my work for awhile, you should know what Scorpio is symbolic of by now. If not, here's a recap - It's the season of death & rebirth where the darkness rules and the veil between worlds are thin, but is often misunderstood and feared.

This is a private place in your life where you keep the details on the down low, as it holds your personal desires & passions plus shadow qualities that you don't want others to see, and sometimes so cloaked in secretiveness that you have a hard-time fully understanding it yourself, as you might resist the energy that builds here, unless of course you have allowed self to surrender to the intensity that arises from this sacred place of your being - your root chakra.

Emotional intensity, secret desires, passion, power, control and transformation are good keywords for this area of your life (your Scorpio House).

As always new moons indicate a fresh start with new energy. Find your Scorpio area of life (house) in your chart, this is where you currently have new beginning potential after transforming the intensity or dark energy that you have been feeling lately into light. It's time to set new intentions for this area of your life, rising above what's been dragging you below. That is, if you want to be in the flow of nature's natural energy currents. Look around at mother earth. Can you let a part of yourself die and be reborn as well?

There is two main themes to this intense and passionate new moon - Mercury conjunct the new moon & trine Neptune. This is showing the best way to transform the energy building in your life that you would rather not feel. The trine to Neptune in Pisces makes this Scorpio new moon true sorcerer energy and very mystical. The mind plays a strong role too - mental power, you know, mind over matter, mind controlling emotions and even communicating your intensity or shadow side can help transmute or release it. You don't have to tell everyone, just some kind of mental outlet to help release.

What part of your life has been feeling emotionally intense lately?  If you are a spiritual person, (not necessarily religious) then this is the perfect opportunity for you to tap into that something beyond yourself using faith and higher forces, and the power of your mind to clear out anything unwanted, or better yet, transmute it into raw power that will ease your stress/emotions, anger, anxiety, etc and help with determination to manifesting your goals and a new start for this area of your chart.  But this only works if you can accept your own darkness within and not project it onto other people in your life.

If not spiritually minded, imagination can also play role in helping you transform this energy into something positive and help manifest your intentions. Just don't try and escape any intense feelings or deny the dark within or it will only stay there and fester, doing you more harm than it already has.

First tho you have to surrender to the emotion that's been getting intense and let the dirty dark-side of its truth rise to the light of consciousness, facing it, This emotion could be jealously, possessiveness, manipulation, anger, unwanted desires, stress, etc. You know - the shadow.  Find your courage if life is too stressful, using your mind to over-come it, and using imagination to paint a picture of your life you wish to live - then take the steps to create it. We all have negative thoughts and feelings from time to time, it's normal. We are both dark and light - ALL OF US. Transform the negative into positive.

That's what I think this Scorpio new moon is all about.

Hope the info is helpful. Happy Scorpio season.