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The Great American eclipse of 2017 - A shadow from coast to coast

This is a total solar eclipse exact on Aug 21 2017 at 11:30 am PDT - 28 degrees 52 mins of Leo.

This is a rare powerful event that literally tends to shake up life under the path of totality (that red line across the USA). However, everyone will feel it on some level. Others more so depending on your personal chart and how it aligns to 28-29 degrees of Leo. If you have any planets or energy points at 26-29 deg fixed signs (Aquarius,Taurus, Leo, Scorpio) or 0-4 deg of mutable signs (Gemini, Pisces, Virgo, Sag) then this eclipse will be eventful for you, and it's probably already playing out in your life. Even if you don't have those degrees, wherever you have 28-29 deg Leo in your chart (life) is getting eclipsed. Karmic restart.

Eclipsed means hidden. The end of your Leo area of life is getting blocked, obscured, concealed, etc, etc leading to change with fated new beginnings. Remember, houses show the 12 areas of your life that everything fits into. So your Leo side is having a shadow appear. The lights go out, symbolically and something is removed. This is usually unexpected. It's hard to predict manifestations as it's wildcard energy connected to events long in the past. The major events don't always manifest right at eclipse time. There is a 6th month window, and because solar eclipses are also new moons, then the seeds are being planted for major shake ups in your Leo area of life within the next 6 months. Sometimes however, major events play out the weeks around the eclipse. There will be a serious of dramatic events connected to this eclipse as planets transits this eclipse point thru the next 6 months.

Eclipses are fated times, everything you do now has an extra significant ripple effect. Long lasting changes are being seeded. A lot happening now outside your self is outside your control. Events outside self could also be a reflection of your inner world but these fated widows go beyond the individual. These are important karmic times of change for the collective, nations and the world, that you're connected to, currently in this Leo area of life.

Eclipses put people back on track. Sometimes events can seem really negative, and yet looking back in hindsight those events led to positive things that couldn't have happened otherwise. A lot of times the changes are positive though. Major stuff happens in your life, depending on how strong the eclipse aligns to you. It's always going to be about some kind of change being seeded.

There was an eclipse in this area of Leo back in 1998. Can you remember any eventful situations that year? The connection goes back even further than that though.

The North Node is with this eclipse. Being in Leo events are dramatic and bold. Uranus aligned adds a radical element. There's instability with eclipse and Uranus. Saturn is in supportive alignment though so the authorities and power is aligned with the radical influence that can bring sudden change to your Leo area of life. Mars is here too, adding aggression, passion and drive. Again, it's expressive, dramatic, bold and aggressive energy. We could even say flamboyant with Uranus. North Node shows opportunities are here, even if you don't want them. You're getting shoved into a certain direction, maybe a redirection outside your control. No matter what that looks like, have faith this is a path you need to start down. Trust it. Let go for the struggle and just change with the times.

Mercury is retrograde, so some kind of process is unfolding in at least one area of your life. This eclipse energy will be in place for weeks. Mercury will Rx back to this eclipse point then go direct in Sept. That's when you'll really have a good idea what manifested from this and the full ramifications.

For the nation, this is a rare event for the path of totality to cross the United States. A shadow appears from coast to coast. The dark side of this country is showing and the light is being eclipsed out. It shakes people up. It shakes the nation up. It sets up karmic changes for the long term. Leo is love, joy and fun, which is getting eclipsed...shut out, blocked, etc. The dark-side of Leo is appearing - the dramatic and bold dark-side, connected to the ghosts of past.

The ancients didn't have a lot of good stuff to say about solar eclipses. They didn't party under the event. No one back then wanted to be connected to it, they thought it was bad luck. They hid from it, they didn't view it, especially under the path of totality. Even animals get confused. It messes up the systems on earth when the sun goes out in the day. Unstable people can lose it.

Leo is connected to royalty. A world leader is usually eclipsed from power with these kinds of events. Since Trump is 29 Leo rising right where the eclipse is, it's easy to see Trump is being eclipsed. These are the seeds being planted for his removal within next 6 months. This could be in any way - assassinated, accident, fired, resigning, etc. This eclipse is about him and others. There could even be something about his wife that happens. Again, eclipses are hard to predict outcomes. Unexpected change is certain though, some kind of shake up for Trump, and the USA, already playing out.

Other world leaders could also face being eclipsed, depending on how the eclipse aligns to their chart.

The events playing out the rest of this year in world and on personal level is so fated connected to years into the future. Have faith in your life and the process you're in. Everything is happening for a reason.

Good luck, have no fear. Be bold and brave.
Happy eclipse.

Here's a related article about the ghosts of the past creeping up, related to Trump and the civil war.

American civil war shadows -The Astrological connection

I thought i'd try and shed some light on the astrological connection to the recent events bringing up the ghosts and shadows of the American civil war.

Trump is very much connected to that energy.

I progressed the USA natal chart to April 12 1861 the beginning of the war between the states.

The USA had just started a 4 year progressed full moon phase - the highlight point of a 30 year cycle and peak culmination to events and energy, that had been building for over a decade prior. The full moon was in Aries opposite the sun in Libra - the war axis. The USA is Sag Rising so Jupiter at 5 degrees Cancer is the ruler. That full moon was at 5 degrees Aries so the sun and moon opposition was T-square the USA chart ruler, showing the opposition, climax and turning point for the country.

At that time, the USA progressed Venus was at 17 degrees 55 mins of Libra. This is important factor for the connection tor recent events.

Before I get into that, let me make clear the number one influence that is driving force behind all the turbulence for America. The USA was born with Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto has 248 year cycle. Pluto for the first time in the USA history is returning to it's birth placement - called the "Pluto return". This is a slow long process over several years where life and circumstances start to manifest what's been building in the shadows since birth. Everything repressed, shamed, shoved away, controlled, done in private; the deep dark and ugly, etc, etc begins to come to the surface in every day life for all to see.

Next biggest influence: USA is having a very rare total solar eclipse exposing a shadow from coast to coast, in the sign of Leo with the North Node, which is very dramatic and significant event.

So the connection to the past has to do with that Venus progressed to 17 Libra back when the civil war started, as Venus is the people. The USA Mars is progressed to that Venus point back then, down to the second - 17 degrees 55 mins. reenergizing that point of the past for the USA war and anger progression.  Mars has also stopped and progressed Retrograde. The USA is not moving forward now. It's going backwards to the past. This will be a long phase of not progressing past the point we've already hit.

Trump has his Jupiter at 17 Libra as well. This shows Trump expands the military power of the USA, and the aggression of the people. Also transit Jupiter just made a final square aspect to Pluto from 17 Libra. Pluto is square 17 Libra, same place where the people were progressed to back when the civil war started. So 17 Libra has been lit up in many ways connected to these times and Trump - that old point of the old civil war. Trump has a connection to the past energy in his chart which is inflating the USA Mars which is on that old point of the people. So you see how that works?

The connections don't stop there. The North Node was also in Leo back then, and the day the war started Mars was at 16 Leo. The last lunar eclipse was at 15 degree Aquarius in opposition to that point, while transit Mars has also been passing thru that point. All this is contributing to the rise of that past energy, the shadows and ghosts of the civil war.

The USA had MC progressed to 22 Sag at the start of the war, which is where Saturn is stopping right now and turning direct.

These are all indications that the past is being reenergized at this time for a reason. These old issues were buried but not settled, energetically. Pluto Return is showing everything from the past needs to come to the surface and be destroyed, before the nation can move on for the next cycle. The nation either gets destroyed and dies over the next 10 years, or it gets destroyed and begins to rebuild on a new foundation for the next 248 year cycle. But either way, there's no escaping the effects of Pluto return. Life in USA will not get better until Pluto moves on.

This great american eclipse is part of something bigger for the nation. It could very well be about Trump as eclipses are known for correlating to the fall of a powerful leader somewhere in the world. This eclipse is aligned with Trump in a big way.

These times are fated and meant to be happening. These shadows coming up for the USA are meant to be showing. It's nothing new, it's just being exposed which is part of the Pluto process. The USA is in symbolic death phase....very slowly.

The USA is not in the same cycle and phases of that civil war era. The current phases and cycles are just bringing up the ghosts of that energy but things are not the same in other ways. Conflicts will play-out in new ways. The next few years there could be war on american soil from within, but this recent rise of nationalism is only the beginning, the seeds for later events to play out.  Saturn will transit Cap and join Pluto int he next few years, which will be the most powerful events for the change of USA govt and structure. Very powerful and difficult times ahead for the nation.

Things will get much worse in the USA before it gets better. This is why most nations don't last that long, cause Pluto always comes back around to bring an overdo end, before starting again. No matter what, things will not stay the same and all the ugly will come up for final release as Pluto returns.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Aquarius Partial Lunar Eclipse Aug 7 2017

This is a full moon 15 degrees Aquarius conjunct the South Node of fate partial eclipse Aug 7 2017 at 11:10 am PDT.

Lunar eclipse indicates full moon energy that typically has wildcard type instability, with shock and awe therapy, fated changes out side of one's control. Higher forces push you into new consciousness thru your current shadow circumstances, which offers personal growth, either the hard way or the easy way. Feelings and shadow type activity in your eclipse house can be reflected. Intensity increases in the area of life you have the eclipse occurring, along with the opposite house, and any outlets of energy to other houses thru alignments. Awareness of what was beneath the surface becomes perceived in new light of consciousness leading to a change of vision (Aquarius).

Moon trine Jupiter 

There is easy social opening, communication, or awareness outlet for beliefs and opinions in your relationships on any level Monday night, thru some kind of interaction possibility that leads to changes of some kind. Feelings and circumstances can easily get amplified with this eclipse as Jupiter has unrestricted flow of energy to the moon. There is opportunity, but comes with changes to plans or visions. The changes can even include NOT changing as you thought something was, staying put, (fixed) etc, but is opportunity in doing so, yet sacrifice of something else. Pluto and eclipse is challenging that opportunity with power struggles.

Lunar eclipse with the South Node in Aquarius:

Fated events in your Aquarius/Leo houses (areas of life) create long lasting changes with a releasing process for the next 6 months to a year. A reconfiguration with change for you and your role within the group of your Leo and Aquarius areas of life. Changes to organizations you're involved in, friends, associates, etc. New awareness about those people is possible.

Plans and visions for your Aquarius area of life receive new light, letting go of an old perception, idea, vision, cause etc, having new innovative ideas, possibilities and visions coming in for this area of life after the unseen has been exposed.

Sun/Mars in Leo opposition -

This opposition is in one side of self or your circumstances that opposes the group, exposing egos, shadow motivations of self and others, with desire to let go of that group, or, the idea you're just another person of the group; a number, no one special, nothing without others, etc, etc. while the drive and desire is to turn focus onto your individuality, what brings you joy and allows you to freely express in group activity, within your Leo Aquarius houses. There is heart, passion and following of instinct vs the group route, or group mind. Drama, passion and pride are strong forces with this eclipse. Detached objective perspectives are challenged. The need to lead, be first and best increases for whatever you're passionate about, opposed by detachment or unhealthy thought processes. Heart/instinct/subjectivity vs mind/rational/objectivity.

Mercury stationing Rx opposite Neptune

Communication, information and thought processes are slowing down, yet mental energy is becoming louder and more powerful, but the details, what's practical, and what's grounded logic is becoming more and more influenced by subtle unseen forces like imagination, spirit, emotional sensitivity, intuition the need to sacrifice for someone or cause, etc. Mercury runs into invisible resistance bubble of Neptune, causing Mercury (the mind, thoughts, ideas, comm) to stop and go retrograde for a few weeks in your Virgo and late degree Leo areas of life. Not everything is clear yet, some confusion maybe. A wait and hear process is starting with Mercury Rx, something is in the works in Virgo/Leo areas of your life, but you'll need more time before that's all clear and finalized. More imagination and creativity needs to be incorporated with your logical grounded plans in those areas. Be careful of illusions too. When Mercury moves direct past this point, whatever Virgo process you're waiting on will be complete and final.


Mercury Neptune can be opposition in relationships too. One person takes on the sensitive Neptune role and other takes on critical Virgo role. Critical only because it's hard aspect to Virgo. Both people can go back and forth taking on different roles at different times, Stay conscious to your interactions, and you'll see what i mean.

Venus/Ceres trine Neptune

Relationships and feminine energy is sensitive, private and withdrawn into own world with fantasies and imagination. There's a need to be protective and hide in a shell of bliss. Romance and sensitivity in love behind the scenes is possible, but not shown anywhere else. Desire for home and family, safety and security, including financial security increases. Emotional need for intimacy and connection but oppositions in other areas cause tension. Nurturing in romantic or family relationships is what brings pleasure now. Movies, tv, books, games, bodies of water, retreat, escapism, drugs, food etc, imagination and fantasy are some of the manifestations of what the feminine and relationships in general are interested in after this eclipse. Feelings and shit, ya know; hugging, blankets, being comfy, having comfort food at hand, spoooooning. All that kind of stuff is where Venus is at. There is outlet opening up for that.

Jupiter square Pluto

There's determination and force to achieve something in your Libra/Cap areas of life, involving others and the structure of your life. Opportunity that comes with a fight or challenge. Change, social tension, coming on extra strong. Legal, law and justice issues. People vs gov't. Fighting for beliefs, and opinions. Diplomatic relations vs cold and ruthless, etc, etc. -. More about Jupiter Square Pluto here

Uranus stationing Rx

Instability, unpredictability, restlessness and wildcard change is always eclipse energy, but Uranus (modern ruler of this eclipse) is stopped and turning Rx, so its power is increased. Lightning strikes, new revelations, the need for freedom, independence and self expression increases. Revolution in your Aries house is on levels outside your control. Things are happening there and it's a bit unstable. The need to innovate and do things differently in your Aries area of life increases.

Saturn (traditional ruler of this eclipse) 

Saturn indicates this is karma and bigger than your little world and little perceptions. Long term changes are happening with this eclipse that you won't even realize until later. There's a mature objective.  Lessons and tests are here. Sun/Mars aligns with the North Node of fate and trine Saturn, showing activity the next couple weeks is supported by authority but comes with challenge. Action is instinctive now. Everything happening is aligning you to your higher path and calling, even if it comes with stress, fear, letting go, or change and intensity of some kind. This eclipse brings awareness and consciousness expansion opening up a better way forward over the next 6 months to a year in your Aquarius house, and life in general. Even though unexpected changes are here for the next 6 months at least, Saturn trine offers a level of stability during the transition and innovations, so instability in human sense and stable in karmic sense. Trust the process you are in.

Release the old shadow holding you back, make room for new shadows.

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Happy Eclipse.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Aug 4 2017 Jupiter square Pluto 3rd final pass

Jupiter square Pluto is an influence we'e had since 2016. Aug 4 is the 3rd and final exact square before Jupiter begins to slowly separate from this energy the rest of the year. On Aug 4 the moon will enter Capricorn and align with Pluto square Jupiter by Aug 5, activating this alignment in circumstances for everyone around those days. This leads to some kind of forced change in that area of life (your Cap house).

If you have any planets around 17 degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn then this aspect is personalized for you and peaking now. But that also means you have a very rare Pluto transit that won't be going away for another year. Jupiter is just adding more energy to that, but by far Pluto is your most serious transit, that is a powerful long lasting influence.

Jupiter square Pluto tends to indicate an imbalance in the use of power and effort. Your beliefs and opinions can also come across forcefully, stated as facts when they are not. Jupiter Libra can be political so what you think and say these days is a bit abrasive and has edge.

 Jupiter's in Libra so this power imbalance could also be in your personal relationships. Either you or other could be coming on strong, laying down the law, manipulating, controlling and overpowering, etc. Check the houses that have transit Pluto and Jupiter. That will show you what area of life this conflict is in. Jupiter is giving opportunity but it comes with a fight or challenge (Pluto). Careful of being too forceful and controlling with other people.

There could be challenging of authority, the status quo, ethics, beliefs and opinions, trying to prove you have a better sense, or easier way to do things that requires less effort. You might be looking for the easier way to achieve plans and goals, which could backfire and leave you disappointed with the results. Not investing enough effort, doing something half ass, expecting big returns with little work, could be an issue. There can be exaggeration about your problems and sufferings holding you back when really it's just laziness. 

On other hand, it could be the opposite, going big, too big, by overpowering and pushing against a powerful unmovable force, or having ambitions that are misguided. The activity you're in now could be risky in some way. Careful of putting too much faith into large scale enterprises that promises big returns, or other schemes you have working up, that might be shady. Also watch out for activity that could put you at legal risk. If you are involved in something with others, you might have to face a final challenge with that as this aspect peaks for Aug. Make sure you're not putting everything into something that isn't going to happen, or show the results you want and expect.

 Do you have an idea of what this might be referring to in your life right now?

There can be intense business dealings that come with power plays, and you'll have to be careful you're not being exploited by someone for their own personal gains, or you exploiting them. 

Relationship activity can go to extremes under this influence and get intense. Sometimes there can be sexual/romantic activity within business and professional relationships causing intensity. Relationship expansion causing drama and power issues is also possible.Your activity with others right now has some major shadow showing, with power and control themes under the surface. 

With Jupiter Libra sq Pluto Cap, social and relationship energy can go back and forth between extremes such as being extra diplomatic, graceful, polished and refined to being cold, rude, vulgar, abrasive and aggressive. On the world stage, the US diplomats being expelled from Russia is one example how this square is playing out. 

This square can make it easy to feel dissatisfied with your goals and ambitions. You'll have to be honest with yourself where you're falling short because of your own effort or lack there of, and any misuse of power or misjudgment. More cooperation with others is needed, rather than being the know it all, that has to have it your way or the highway.

You'll have to be careful, not to squander or speculate your resources under this influence. You'll have big powerful ideas about making money, just make sure it's grounded and not over the top. You'll need to be mindful how you interact with others, especially in your Libra/Cap ares of life. Don't feed the drama and egos, yours or other people's.

Sometimes crisis and changes to plans and goals can happen under this alignment if it's on your sun, moon, ruler or chart angles. Intense and powerful events can shake up your faith. What you thought was going to happen, might not happen... 

Your thoughts, beliefs and opinions might be clashing with the structures of your Capricorn house causing authority issues. Being diplomatic, cooperative and compromising can go long way in soothing out the tension. The best thing you can do is take a good hard look at your use of power. It might need to be better balanced between your Libra and Cap side, or if you have Cancer and Aries, you might need to balance the power in a few areas of life with different people. Take a look at your goals and ambitions. Make sure you are not being ruthless in your drive to achieve what you want. Make sure your expectations are not going to let you down if something doesn't turn out exactly they way you wanted it to.

As the Cap moon joins Pluto Aug 4- 5, try to stay conscious of the power dynamic at play, and what's causing you the intensity. Release control and allow for the changes to take place. Look at the situation with mature eyes and allow it to show you where the imbalance is at.

Again, this energy has been here all year but the moon brings  a culmination to this now, so it's very strong with new awareness coming in. Let Pluto destroy what's not meant to be, have faith in that process. 

Good luck!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

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