Friday, September 7, 2018

Virgo new moon September 9 2018

The Virgo new moon is excat Sept 9 2018 at 11:01 am pdt.  

The few days before this new moon, the sun and moon reach an opposition to Neptune which brings awareness about something unhealthy in your life such as an energy drain, addictions, uncertainty, confusion, distractions, or just something unhealthy in your reality that needs to change. Whatever those things are will be exposed allowing for a fresh start for your Virgo area of life. 

This new moon makes purification, cleaning up, getting organized, narrowing focus and making practical emprovments easier.  This can be on any level, helping you find more efficiently with your everyday life. Focusing on health, diet, exercise, service, etc, eliminating bad habits, addictions, energy drains and so on is all part of this new beginning energy.

The new moon is trine Pluto and sextile Jupiter amplifying the power and intensity. There is a narrowing the focus on the deeper hidden details of things helping you make self emprovments which will also offer a sense of self empowerment,  when you make that effort. This new moon can be deep and powerful transformation to how your daily life functions.

This is a new beginning for purification 

Venus enters Scorpio square Mars, the nodes and opposing Uranus changing the relationship and money dynamics from this point forward. Relationships face tension conflict and transformation. There is a lot of passion and sexual energy but its not smooth and flowing. Soical conflict is also strong as a change of values,  desires and preferences set in.  Money and relationships become more private . Fated changes for those things begin lasting until Dec. There will be a new radical influence for Venus stuff with a deep transformation to what you want at this point of your life.

Saturn is now direct. More pressure and stress to meet other people's expectations of us will increase. Your Capricorn area of life is ready for action and improvements. 

Making improvements on all levels is big part of this new moon energy.

With Mars at last few minutes of Cap, new military campaigns will begin around the world. Earthquakes and earth events could increases. There's a lot of earth intensity under this influence. Soical conflict will only increase as well. 

Over all, this is practical logical analytical narrowed detailed energy that helps bring better efficiency for your life. 


Saturday, September 1, 2018

Moon last quarter square sun Sept 2 2018

Tomorrow Sept 2 is the last quarter moon. It's best to accept how things turn out; what's done is done, there's no going back to redo. These are the results of last few weeks. There is a lot of soical energy with brewing soical conflict, and lots of distractions, challenges, multi tasking, lot of different stimulants that keeps things busy staying light, adapting, being flexible and moving from one thing to the next is needed. Circumstances and events, plans, etc won't be perfect and exactly as planned. Roll with it, don't push too hard. Escape the struggles for a couple days if you can. The more you try and narrow the focus, get details, clean up, organized, figure something out, the more elusive, mysterious and never ending rabbit hole it becomes. Rumors, news information can stoke soical conflict while not being totally true. Don't overtry next couple days, but do put your juggling hat on and multitask, for best results.


Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Generation of Oct 1975 - 1977 - Saturn square Uranus

For the people born from Oct 1975 thru Dec 1977, you have the alignment of Saturn in Leo square Scorpio Uranus. Saturn did backtrack into Cancer for a bit that first year, so some of you might have Saturn in Cancer, but most will have Leo Saturn square Scorpio Uranus, which is a very karmic difficult alignment to be born with. That alignment was strongest during Oct/Nov 1975, June/July 1976, and Feb thru May of 1977.

I'm bringing this to your attention because this generation has reached a fated cross roads in 2018 and beyond.

Saturn square Uranus 
First let me explain the basics of what this birth aspect means for you. You can watch the video i made below about it, or read this.

Saturn is where we have karmic dues to pay. It's where we are not as good, it's our weak spot. We have limitations there, insecurities, inadequacies, fears, etc. We might judge that kind of energy. For you, it's the sign of Leo - the heart, joy, feeling happy, enjoying parties, recreation, children; being expressive and wanting attention, being in the spotlight, being a leader, etc. Having Saturn there, you're not as good at those things, you have to work harder to experience those things and enjoy them. It's just not as easy to feel happy and joyful with Saturn in Leo. That's where you have limitations. You have karmic heart issues, symbolically or literally. 

Uranus in Scorpio is stronger because Uranus is exalted there. This is the freak side of you, that's revolutionary, unique and different from tradition. It's the generation that breaks rules of what society deems taboo, including being revolutionary in sexuality, plus in topics of death and the dark side of life, as well as the ways you merge and share your life with others, much different than other generations do. 

Having this Saturn square Uranus, is extreme inner tension about these two very different sides of yourself. This is a contradiction that you're working out thru life. You can be very controversial! You are both conservative and liberal. You want tradition, structure, stability, and commitment.  And yet, you also want independence, freedom, space and change. These two contradictions are fighting for dominance within you.

This has led to many crisis points and disruptions in your life, including your jobs, relationships and where you live. Things outside of your control just seem to happen every once in awhile, causing revolution and sudden changes for your life.

There is this need to blend both of these sides of self, integrating as one, but that is not easy because they are so different. If you put too much energy on one side, say your Saturn, keeping stability, duty, obligation, commitment, etc, you will start to feel inner tension, restlessness, anxiety; becoming too rebellious, and wanting change...but if you put too much energy in that Uranus side, you'll start to lose support, lose structure, stability and commitment, burning bridges, causing conflicts, you'll start to seem strange and different where others won't want to cooperate with you as much. How can you be independent, free, rebellious and unique; in complete charge of your life while still partnering with others, having respect for authority, healthy level of duty and commitment, with a level of tradition? It's not easy to figure out. 

You were meant for a life of constant change to your stability and structure.

2018 the beginning of fated changes once again.

I bring all this up right now because at this point, you have some rare transits activating this birth alignment.

Midlife Crisis

Uranus which has an 84 year cycle, has reached the opposite sign of your birth Uranus. This is the midlife crisis aspect. You're in your 40s now and starting to feel the age. You might be missing the good ol days, noticing big changes in the younger generations, seeing it as their prime, feeling past your own prime, etc. This midlife crisis energy can play out many different ways depending on your chart, but that's the bottom line, is you've reach the second half of your life, and it's time for you to step up to that, letting the past go. This is the point where you start to learn how to balance these contradictions within you.

This Uranus ingress to Taurus is even more critical for you at this point because transit Uranus is not only opposing your birth Uranus, it's also square your birth Saturn! Your Saturn has two Uranus influences now, putting great tension on it. Your life has had so many disruptions and changes outside your control thru the years, that at this point you probably don't want changes anymore. You want that stability, loyalty and commitment. However, your karma is for change, and mixing this combination of energy. This transit will increase tension, restlessness, anxiety and a sense that something is coming.

You have reached a fated cross roads

Not only do you have rare Uranus midlife crisis transit now, but you also have the Nodes of fate aligning with this birth Saturn Uranus, creating a Grand Cross for you. This is fate that is about to force big changes once again. You know you can feel it coming! 

This is even more true because transit Mars is at the South Node point in this Grand Cross, slowing down to stop and station direct, square your Uranus and opposing your Saturn! This means the next few months is a huge change to your life working up. For some, this will be the next couple years, but a lot of you are facing the changes very soon, this fall of 2018 thru 2020.

Trying to fight change and stay put, will only make this transition harder. At this point, you have been around the block a few times. How can you let big changes happen without making it worse than it needs to be? It's about making changes without causing crisis, losing stability and support from others, not burning bridges and being too rebellious and independent. This phase will help you better balance your birth alignment of extreme contradiction, being both conservative and liberal. The more you can make these changes in a slow, controlled, mature way, taking responsibility and not blaming others for issues, the better it will go. If life forces changes on you, it's best to accept those changes and flow with it as fighting them will not be beneficial. This is a turning point in your life to help you get where you want to be, so you can experience more joy and happiness; where you can finally build some long term stability after this final big change, of some kind. This looks to be the biggest of them all, that has long lasting results.

Use that rebel side to fight for changes in your world that are really needed, not just fighting authorities for any reason. Pick your battles wisely. Admit to yourself you are both conservative and progressive, rather than going back and forth from one side to the other, you need a balance in that, at same time.  As i said, now that you're older and wiser, you might have figured out how to prevent the crisis and sudden changes, where you are taking on that Saturn side of tradition and stability. However, Uranus is back in the game, to show you you'll always need independence freedom and change on some level, you'll always be a rebel, unique and authentic, not what other people say you should be. It's just a matter of finding mature healthy ways to express that rebel side, without burning down your life and supports, always starting fresh again.

Either way, fated changes are here, and there is no stopping that.  Prepare for that change coming. Your intuition is correct, it's time to do something different now! The more you can blend these two different sides of self, the better your circumstances will be!

I hope that was helpful.

 I offer custom reports if you need more details on what phase of life you are entering. See my services page for more info on that.

Good luck with this cross roads of destiny at play! 


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Darkside of the Pisces full moon Aug 26 2018

I did a report on the light side of the Pisces full moon, here's a darker perspective from the world context and what we might see.

Aug 21/22 2018 Capricorn moon phase

When the moon moves thru Capricorn, there's a need to control emotions, get serious, mature, and display integrity. It's about work. If there is something you know you should be doing, but you're not doing it, this moon will have you feeling anxiety, stress and worry. Get things done and out of the way, you'll feel a lot better, under this Cap moon influence.

Moon is moving thru the heaviest and most intense part of the sky next two days, it's not as easy, and circumstances might be a little rough around the edges. It's only a couple days, this moon influence won't last long. Cap moon, plus square Venus, it's just harder to get your needs met next couple days, in general. If you have Taurus and Virgo energy, it's not as hard.