Thursday, March 1, 2018

Virgo Full Moon March 1 2018 - Seeing through illusions, finding greater balance between intuition and logic

This full moon is at 11 degrees Virgo exact 4:51 pm PST.  This isn't a typical Virgo moon because the sun and moon are strongly aligned with Neptune, which changes the interpretation a bit.

Emotional climax

 As always the full moon increases emotional energy; it's a peak in the lunar cycle which shows changes to feelings and circumstances next few days and beyond. More understanding and awareness sets in as consciousness expansion takes place. In this case, gaining practical perspective and breaking through some of your illusions and blind spots because of the strong moon opposite Neptune influence.

Full moon's are always a peak for relationship circumstances as well; changes begin to happen in your relationships as you see past the illusions you've created about yourself and others.

A full moon is about balancing polarities in your life.

With Virgo moon opposite sun/Neptune in Pisces it's suggesting people need greater balance between trusting intuition, senses and feelings vs trusting the mind, being analytical, practical and logical. It's not one or the other, it's about integrating both sides of this polarity for a healthier life and existence. You can indeed use your feelings/intuition AND understanding what's logical and practical with how to proceed forward. The mind is not an enemy when used properly.

This could also be finding greater balance between work and retreat, spirituality vs physical reality, how much you give to others (service) vs how much you take for self; acceptance and faith vs judgmental critical attitude about situations. People need some level of judgment and discernment about plans and goals for the future vs being overly idealistic, vague and dreamy.  Your dreams and visions for the future are important but you'll also need to incorporate a practical well planned path to achieve those dreams. At this point there should be some understanding about how far you've come and what's tripping you up on your path.

This full moon will help you perceive where your life has become out of balance so you can let go of something, like unhealthy distractions, escapism, self sacrifices, feelings of victimization, etc so to create a better healthier path down the center, not being ruled by extremes. This moon is reflecting a need to take greater responsibility for your life, understanding that your thoughts, feelings and actions play a critical role for how things turn out, while also having faith and accepting what's out of your control. A level of acceptance in the moment to certain situations is needed but also practical planning and taking small steps to make the necessary changes that your life requires. Also keep in mind that not everything has to be perfect. Perfectionism is an illusion.

This full moon will help you work through recent illusions, confusion and uncertainty. This is also true for your relationships because it's moon sun opposition plus the ruler of this moon is conjunct Venus. Be easy on self and others, no one is perfect!

Virgo wants to narrow your focus, getting practical and organized, cleaning up, purifying your environment, restructuring daily routines, planning for the future, separating fact from fiction, etc. Full moon in Virgo shows a peak to all this along with a peak and change to any recent health circumstances. All this practicality needs a level of inspiration, faith, spirituality, intuition, creativity, compassion and empathy for self and others, in order to obtain a healthier daily routine.

Moon opposite Neptune will sensitize your feelings a bit. Strange mood swings are possible. You might have odd, hard to describe feelings, visions or dreams in some way. You could feel entrapped by your environmental situation, understanding that something needs to change but not sure what. You could gain a new perspective on something/someone you've never had before, which could be breathtaking, beautiful or downright scary.

Finding the middle ground

You might feel pulled between doing something that is logical and practical vs a grand dream of something hard to obtain. Remember extremes is what we're trying to avoid. Is there a certain path between those two options that's more reasonable?

This full moon could be a peak to recent building of spiritual, emotional, physical or mental fatigue. We're turning a corner now, for health matters as well, circumstances slowly begin to change over the next two weeks.

There's a pull between wanting to retreat and rest, being messy and disorganized vs working on something, cleaning up and doing what needs to be done. You don't have to do one or the other. It's possible to make time for both these polarities - rest and work.

Relationship realizations

This full moon can bring certain realizations and disillusionment about something, including key relationships so that needed changes can happen between you and others. This includes breaking through the self sabotage and illusions you've created about yourself and other people, perceiving something/someone for what it truly is. You can be aware of this without being critical and judgmental as you perceive yours and others character flaws.

Mercury Venus Jupiter - there's hope and faith to hang on to

Mercury is with Venus in Pisces and both are in easy alignment with Jupiter which is slowing down in Scorpio preparing to station retrograde by March 9.  Jupiter going Rx will be a time to go within tapping into your faith and spirituality to get you through difficult times of changes. Going within trusting yourself/faith could create luck for actions. Mercury with Venus could be sweet talk or perceiving what others desire without it being spoken. This energy can also be creative, artistic and or musical. Going within tapping into inspiration through music etc can be healing and get you through while taking care of practical business in your life. This easy flow of energy to Jupiter creates compassion, strong faith, optimism and or spirituality. People could be more generous, caring and sensitive as the Virgo full moon reflects a need to be of service to others. Something could happen that improves your situation, leading to feelings that everything is going to be okay. Having faith that difficult life events happen for a higher reason is likely with this alignment because of all the Pisces and Jupiter energy in place. Trusting what is out of your control, having faith that your situation is for a reason that is leading to something better that's still outside your perception.

Moon square Mars - impulsive and moody 

The other big influence for this full moon is Mars in Sagittarius at a difficult angle to both Virgo and Pisces. This creates some level of frustration and agitation. Some folks might feel conflicted about being direct vs passive, speaking your mind vs holding back. Some moody behavior is possible. It's also about feeling the need to act, being quick, impulsive and reckless vs taking things slow, with proper planning, being cautious and reserved. This is dynamic force that requires some sort of challenging action. This full moon allows for us to move forward, taking the next step in life that requires decisiveness, not escaping, avoiding or procrastinating your duty, etc. More honesty, integrity and commitment need to be part of your next step as well, moving past confusion, doubts and uncertainty.

Mars trine Uranus - Innovative action

Mars begins to move into easy alignment with Uranus which allows for outside of the box, innovative activity and solutions to any recent problems, being more assertive and confident in what you do. The difficulty is remaining kind, sensitive and compassionate to others while still showing confidence and leadership, and not being too impulsive or reckless.  However, some level of risk and faith might be necessary next couple weeks before we enter an intense hard-work phase taking care of serious business after the next new moon.

Difficult health, wounding and or healing energy peaks next two weeks

Mars in hard alignment with Chiron shows that healing on multiple levels will be necessary next couple weeks, confronting your distractions, illusions and beliefs that have been holding you back. 

On the world stage 'storms' literal and metaphorical get intense

On mundane world level, this full moon creates intense storms; a peak to ocean and water events, both on inner level for nations and literal through natural events. Accidents and conflicts peak next two weeks. Disillusionment about what some nations have been hiding is possible, including the truth coming out about topics that have been uncertain in the recent months. Lies and propaganda will be sorted out. In the USA the gun issue will continue to be hot topic of debate causing frustration and anger for some people when all the different groups agendas don't get their way. However, some surprising innovative action will take place but won't necessarily improve the issues. Something about Trump gets intense as Mars aligns with Trump's personal chart the next few days...

Pisces season 

Everyone needs to balance introverted contemplation time, releasing negatives, vs times of extroverted direct action that moves you forward on your desired life path, taking care of the work and details that gets you there.

With that said, be sure to allow for rest, inspiration, spirituality, creativity, art, music, compassion, sensitivity, etc while still being responsible to your material life, not escaping through unhealthy means like drugs, drinking, procrastination, distractions, and so on.

I hope you found the report helpful. Email me if you would like a personal report.
Thanks for reading this and happy full moon!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Get your big picture astrological report, or a custom question about your life

We all go through cycles and phases, some so grand that they only come around once in a lifetime. What cycles and phases is your life in right now? There is only one way to know for sure, and that's thru the astrological perspective.

For a limited time i'm offering a "big picture" report for your life at a discounted price of $40.00 USD. This report is custom written by me and will show you what's going on with your life from that higher perspective and what's to come next.

Some phases are more difficult than others, but the good news is, if you are in a difficult phase, nothing stays the same for too long and when you are at a low point, it's likely you'll be going up from there.

In this report I explain the reason for any difficulties you are facing in life, and how long those difficulties will be around. Again, this is from a higher perspective where i'm looking at now and a couple years into the future which can seem like a long time in the moment, but really it's not that long relative to your entire life.

Everything about your life can be divided up into 12 sections. First thing i'll explain to you is where transit Saturn is moving through your chart right now and what that means. It takes about 29-30 years for Saturn to move one cycle around your chart, so wherever it is, it's rare for it to be there and has a significant influence over that area of your life for a few years. Saturn is a very powerful energy and not always easy. Is Saturn currently in your 1st house of self, affecting your health and how you feel about yourself? Or maybe Saturn is in your partnership house showing you life lessons about marriage, relationships and other people. Saturn could be in your 4th house of home and family matters, or maybe it's in your 10th house of your reputation and career, etc, etc. Wherever Saturn is, it's showing that area of life won't be easy in that phase. It will require hard work and discipline for those life situations. It's also important to understand your birth placement of Saturn which will influence how the transit plays out. I'll explain all this in your personal report.

Next, I'll explain where transit Mars is moving through the next 6 months. Mars has about a 2 year cycle so spends a few weeks in each section. Mars is not always easy. Mars is the god of war, but it also is showing what area of your life will have a lot of activity, but also gives more opportunity for conflict, depending on your birth Mars placement. I'll explain your personal Mars energy for the next 6 months in this report.

Neptune has about 164 year cycle so the transit through your chart is always once in lifetime for certain areas. It's very important to know how Neptune is influencing your life right now. Neptune is tricky energy to understand, sometimes it shows why a person is lost or confused, or chasing after certain unrealistic dreams, goals and ambitions. It can also show why a person might be dealing with addictions. Neptune isn't all bad, it depends on how it's aligning with your chart/life which i'll explain in the details of this report.

Uranus transit is the wildcard energy, which has about 84 year cycle. It's been in a certain area of your chart for the last 7 years, and it's getting ready to change signs and houses in your chart which will last for several years. Life will get crazy in that area, revolution happens and radical changes take place for a certain section of your chart/life when Uranus transits through there. I'll explain where the revolution in your personal life is about to start and what all that means.

Pluto has about 248 year cycle, so again these outer planet transits (we call Pluto a planet) are rare when they move through a certain section of your chart/life. Pluto is where intensity, deep shadow type energy, issues of power and control but ultimately it's where a slow transformation to your life is happening over a long time frame. What area of your life is deeply changing? I'll explain all that in this report.

The inner planets are fast moving cycles and phases so i won't include those other than Mars. It's the outer planets that show the big picture themes of your life which is very important to understand. Maybe life has been very hard but it's all about to change and get easier. Or maybe your life has been in abundant phase for a while and that is about to change. It all depends on your individual chart, but knowing this information can be very helpful in making decisions and knowing what to expect.

I'll give you two options for this price.
You can order the outer planet transits report that i explained above. Or you can ask me a question about your life such as your relationship energy, work energy, etc and i'll write you up a custom report about that topic. After you order report email me astrohawk11 at I'll need your full birth data including day, month, year, time and location of birth. If you want accuracy the exact time of birth is very important. Just let me know in the email which one you want. I'll then write you back with confirmation giving you a time frame when i'll send the report via PDF in email which is usually within 3 days. Usually this report is $60 so you're saving 20 bucks with this limited time offer.

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Thanks for your interest in this knowledge. I look forward to hearing from you.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Solar Eclipse Feb 15 2018 - Health & Drug concerns Political Conspiracy and Scandal - Major Events Spring 2018

Here is a video on the Aquarius solar eclipse Feb 15 2018 in a mundane context.

If you don't want to listen to video i'll summarize:

This new moon energy is stronger and will last longer than normal new moon because it's eclipse and it's at right angle to Jupiter which amplifies everything. This eclipse energy will be in place next few months.

Aquarius eclipse means things get weird and bizarre; unexpected shake-ups, unusual situations with changes to groups, the community, friendships, politics, etc.

I see two main themes to this eclipse - Health concerns and political conspiracy and scandal, which leads to major events by this spring April and May 2018.

Health concerns - The flu and other viruses, disease and general sickness has potential to increase the next few months because of the position of Chiron in Pisces, plus Mars square Neptune and Mercury (ruler of natural 6th house of health ) conj eclipse.

 Also drug overdoses are more likely with this alignment.

Mars in Sagittarius is competitive and athletic so is also about sports and the Olympics. However, Mars square Neptune is energy drain, and or shady activity behind the scenes. Drug use or something that most people don't know about is happening at the Olympics. Some "fishy" energy.

Also Mars square Neptune can be powerful storms, ocean/water events, navy incident or accidents on the high seas, or just general accidents in any form from having unclear path.

Mars square Neptune is also political, conspiracy and scandal. A lot of secret activity and plans in the mix. Conspiracies and scandals come out into the open the next few months that rocks the system.

On personal level Mars square Neptune can have you chasing after fantasy and illusions. Make sure you're not chasing unrealistic dreams that disappoint you later. Make sure you are being honest so you don't hurt self or others. Watch for drug use or unhealthy escapism.

This Spring 2018 gets intense. Uranus leaving Aries, Chiron into Aries, Mercury Retrograde in Aries square Saturn while Mars passes through Capricorn with Saturn and Pluto.

Military attacks probably on different fronts. North Korea and middle east conflicts heat up.
Intense news and information in the media.
Political scandals come out.
Terrorist attacks likely by April or May.
Political activism events make news next few months, right vs left front line battles heat up.
Earth changes, earth events like earthquakes and other natural disasters.
Financial changes. The stock market could have huge fluctuations.

This is new era with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Conservatism and Nationalism builds (with radical twist) Nationalism vs communism/globalism. Harsh strict  LAW -Govt authorities and laws have more power. Extreme brutal justice. New people gain power, old people leave office, new laws, new systems and structures by year 2020. The dark undercurrents of the world comes to the surface to be purged. Unstoppable Earth changes, natural disasters, war and financial changes next few years.

This is truly a new era that this eclipse is part of. Mars has two year cycle, makes first pass through Capricorn activating big events April and May of 2018 before returning in 2020 for another round of activation. Things become more clear by this spring of 2018.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Venus in Pisces Feb 10 - March 6 2018. Time for Pisces to get the love

Venus enters Pisces today 3:19 pm pst February 10 2018 moving thru Pisces until March 6 2018.

This is good change for everyone on some level becuase Venus is exalted in Pisces. Venus is symbolic of the good things to life - pleasure, love, all the sensual stuff like food, sex, the material world, things we desire and want, including resources. Venus shows where the beauty, popularity, love and pleasure is at. It's also the general feminine energy and her preferences. It's symbolic of relationship energy too.

Venus has been in Aquarius last few weeks. All those things she represents above don't exactly follow the rules with Venus in Aquarius, including the feminine and relationships. Basically,  she's been a pain in the ass while in Aquarius. No offense ladies. I'm only speaking generally here. There's been desire for detachment, distance and freedom with Venus in Aquarius, since unsatisfied South Node energy is there.

All that changes with Venus is Pisces. The feminine starts to treat us a lot better in this sign. Emotions and sensitivity come back. The feminine energy in general thinks about other people's needs more than personal desires for freedom and being a rebel. Aquarius is awesome sign, just not the best place for Venus.

Romance and sensitivity desires will get stronger now. It will be easier for money to flow in as well. The feminine love and cooperation in relationships gets easier.  Venus here offers us a lot more pleasure.

The love, attraction and good times is now going to be in your Pisces area of life. People will like you more in that area. It's time for Pisces to get some love. If you are Pisces rising,  sun or moon, you get more love and attention in this phase, including things you want, especially when Venus moves over your degree. Generally speaking that is, as there is still tough energy in other areas of life.

There will be a strong desire to express love and affection with Venus here. It can be very sentimental but also not always logical. Make sure you are not just seeing what you want to see, escaping reality. Its easier to get what you want but also easier to get hurt from being vulnerable and unrealistic, or being taken advantage of.

This is humanitarian energy so charity is common desiring to help others, sometimes sacrificing. I think with Saturn in Capricorn people will still be practical and wise with money but money can flow both in and out a lot easier now.

A desire for deeper connection builds. This can be to anything,  not just other people. Spirituality, fantasy, retreat, mysticism, drugs, alcohol, art, music,  etc, etc all becomes stronger attractions.

The moon enters Capricorn tonight moving over Saturn and Pluto next couple days so the general mood changes tonight, kind of serious, heavy and intense. Give it a few days for this new Venus energy to set in. By the time moon reaches venus day after eclipse new moon you'll feel the Pisces.

Mars is square Neptune for awhile so that is concerning.  Make sure you're being honest with self and others.  On world stage, it means some bullshit is on the way. Read my Feb eclipse post for more on that.  Sickness and disease is a concern with this energy.  But also conflict, deceptive actions,  secret activity, chasing something unrealistic, etc. This is something fishy about the olympics too. Also could be weather, ocean/water or Navy event next few weeks.

Anyway,  enjoy Venus in Pisces while we have it. Check your chart to see what area you have the pleasure in now. Let me know if you need help with finding that.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Why Melania Trump's expressions seem so mild, hard and cold

I dont have Melania's time of birth so i can't see her full birth chart, but i can see what signs and alignments she was born with based on her birthday of  April 26 1970.

It's easy to see why Melania always seems so stern and uptight.  She has a lot of earth energy with sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus in Taurus plus the moon in Capricorn. This is a lot of traditional, conservative, practical energy.

Just looking at Trump's Venus conjuct Saturn in Cancer it shows what his wife will be like which is a Saturn type of woman.

Melania is a Saturn type person becuase she was born with sun conjuct Saturn. Plus the Capricorn moon ruled by Saturn and her Mercury at 22 degrees which is a Saturn signature for her intellect and perceptions. This is tough energy.  This is why she doesn't show a lot of emotion or expression.  She's not a very sensitive or affectionate person. Saturn is hard and cold which on her sun keeps her ego and light from shining too bright. Again, it's very traditional and conservative with very little expression just like Trump's Venus indicates his wife will be. She's not easy wife to be with, she can be difficult. Melania has Venus in her sun sign so that does add some attractiveness but it's a cold hard and stern look becuase of Saturn and the earth energy plus Cap moon.

Melania catches a lot of crap for her expressions and personality but this is what she was born with, so she's just being herself.

Trump and Melania don't have very good chemistry. There is a lot of tension and difficulty with their relationship. I will break down their synastry in another post but for now i just wanted to point out why she appears so uptight with little self expression. She's a Saturn person on outside (sun) and Saturn person on inside  (Capricorn moon).

Saturn is the hard planet is astrology. Despite wealth, she's had hard emotional life which i don't know her past, but the astrology makes that clear.

 With these alignments to Trump it's all business not love and they could face big problems in the future.
There's also a level of deception. I'll explain all that later. Melania is tough and somewhat cold, very materialistic, practical and is capable of harshness.  I'm not knocking her, I'm just pointing out her astrology.

Next I'll try and figure out what's coming for her and Trump.