Friday, July 20, 2018

Mercury Retrograde Meaning

Here's a video where i talk about what Mercury Retrograde means in transit, natal and progressions.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Aquarius Total Lunar Eclipse Full moon July 27 2018

This next Lunar eclipse in Aquarius at 4 degrees 44 minutes is going to be very strong energy! The eclipse is exact at 1:20 pm PDT so won't be visible in the United States but will strongly be felt globally. This will be one of the longest lasting lunar eclipses in this century symbolically offering a long building culmination/ending with fated changes.

 If your sun or other planets are at the first 6 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius then this is going to pack a punch with a strong possibility of life changing events over the next few week thru the next 6 months. However, this is still a fated time for many people even without those personal placements. Find Aquarius and Leo in your chart, that's the area of life getting hit, plus Scorpio and Taurus as well.

The shadow of society is exposed

Full moons are a peak of intensity and emotional energy. When that full moon is eclipse that intensity and emotional energy is amplified and more extreme. The light of the sun reflected off the moon is filtered through the earth's shadow. Aquarius has a lot to do with the community, so in this case the shadow of society and communities/politics will be reflected off the moon.

Eclipse aligned with Mars Rx

This eclipse is strongly aligned with Mars Retrograde, and so this means Mars is extra strong as well, closer to the earth than normal but not acting in a symbolically predictable fashion. At the same time, Uranus is at a right angle to Mars, sun and moon/Nodes T-square adding even more dynamic unusual unexpected energy to this shadow being exposed.

There is both positive and negative meaning to this eclipse. First let me get the negative out of the way before i explain the good part.

Negative possibilities 

The fact this eclipse is Aquarius with Mars and the South Node under stress and tension from Uranus and the sun indicates this is not the time to go out on the town and party. It's better to stay indoors and not celebrate under the moon with the earth shadow. It's best to avoid looking at the moon, going to public gatherings, social activity, groups of people and unnecessary travel Friday/Saturday July 27/28. Provoking people in argument can also have unexpected emotional reactions. Some probabilities under this eclipse are weird feelings and emotions, odd circumstances, people freaking out, intensity, agitation, rage and anger, mass shootings, road rage, accidents of all kinds, including group travel from Air, trains, buses, cars, etc, plus other accidents from sharp objects, not paying attention to what you're doing, and so on. Political energy will be at critical level, and it's possible political events could get out of control. Military strikes and other intense situations could manifest from this within a few weeks of the eclipse, but accidents and anger are the biggest possibilities of the negative side, not to mention the continuation of earth changing events, destructive wildfires, etc.

Avoid conflict, let go of the need to control others

If you find yourself in confrontation, it's best to let it go because pushing back can have unexpected consequences with fated results.

Endings, letting go of the past

On other levels, your actions, the need for control, old habits, confront zones, past issues, old patterns, deep resentment, anger, etc etc might need to be released as you find new ways of expressing yourself and doing things. Some relationships including friendships, group affiliations, community and organizations your involved with might be ready for endings, as you feel the pull to move on.

Life at a crossroads, fate is at play

This eclipse is showing great change is on the horizon and not everything will be in your control. A lot of people are at crossroads this summer and the events of this eclipse will force some people to make the changes that they were unable to make on their own until now.

The positive possibilities - New opportunities 

On the positive side of interpretation, the sun is moving over the North Node in Leo. This is a call to move towards your Leo area of life, a possible unknown direction outside of your comfort zone, now that a culmination and ending of the old is present. People are being called to follow their heart and a new direction in life that will give more passion, creativity, and joy for being alive, while releasing the past and what's no longer needed. New opportunities will start to show up showing the way forward but will also create emotional intensity and anxiety about having the courage to take that step into the new and unknown, or what seems difficult rather than falling back into old ways.

Mercury Retrograde 

These new opportunities will start to show up but at the same time Mercury in Leo starts to go retrograde, which means this new direction forward is a process that needs to unfold over the next few weeks from the eclipse, before all the information about it has arrived. Once the sun moves across Mercury and then we have the final solar eclipse in Leo Aug 11 we'll start to have a good idea of what this new direction is all about and how to proceed. Many long lasting changes will be evident to everyone by this fall. Until then all this is a process which Mercury Rx is part of. If any crazy stuff happens next several weeks it's not because Mercury is retrograde but rather because we are having a super intense eclipse with Mars in Aquarius!

Karmic Adjustments

The sun/North Node will be inconj Saturn indicating the events will require people to make adjustments to their past and current commitments and responsibilities, adapting to change and letting go.

Saturn trine Uranus - the old and new in harmony

The ruler of this eclipse is Saturn Rx in Cap and Uranus in Taurus which are both trine. This shows that the old and the new are in harmony allowing for radical change and innovation to values, structures and systems without total chaos or destruction, but rather a certain level of support and stability while changes take place and you do something new. Reality supports practical level headed changes to your life.

Venus trine Pluto - desire to transform the old and make improvements

Venus in Virgo is trine Pluto in Cap showing that there's a real deep desire for transformation and to make practical improvements to your relationships, routines, systems, structures, habits, health, values, money, diet, and so on, plus the area of life (house) that you have Virgo. There will be outlet to make those needed practical improvements.

As i said, this eclipse is so karmic and fated with a release of the old shadows that are ready to over flow. This is a completion point to something where more balance and harmony can start to be integrated. Unfortunately there will be negative events for some people, or at least what seem to be negative from the limited human perspective, but those events have higher meaning and positive ripple effects with long lasting results that we can't see in the moment. Trust that you are part of a higher plan, let go and flow the best you can with the energy pushing you forward.

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Good luck!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse July 12 2018 - Seeds of intense deep radical change

Y'all ready for some shake ups? We have a very intense powerful new moon solar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer exact on July 12 2018 at 7:47 pm PDT.

 There will be two more eclipses that are even stronger than this one coming, so this is just the tip of the ice berg for change. However, this is still a very powerful deep intense new moon/eclipse that plants seeds of change leading us all to another step forward on our individual destiny the next 6 months, but is also connected to the next couple years of even greater change, which reaches epic climaxes by the end of 2020.

New moon/eclipse opposing Pluto

The strongest alignment to this new moon eclipse is the sun/moon in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Eclipses are wildcard energies that bring surprises with unexpected shakeups, hard to predict how it will unfold, but the fact that it's in Cancer opposing Pluto in Cap suggest home, family and work/public life is where this energy will manifest the strongest, including the structure and systems of your life. Find the houses in your chart that have Capricorn, Cancer, Leo and Aquarius. These areas of life (different for each person) is where the seeds of change are being planted right now.

Safety and security issues are coming to the surface. Intense feelings, memories of the past, fears and worry will increase. Over the next 6 months to 2 years comfort zones will be breached as we step into the unknown taking big strides on the path forward of our destiny, rocking the system, restructuring our lives, and forced to push past fears that hold us back.

Pluto in opposition right now shows that this eclipse new moon has a lot to do with personal power, how it's been given away to others, including family members, bosses, landlords, teachers, banks, the gov't, and anyone else that you see as an authority over you and your life. In some cases you could be the one that has been taking too much power from others. These seeds of change will start to break that power grip so that you can gain more control over your life, helping balance the power dynamic that's been lopsided for too long. There's an opposition between empowerment and disempowerment.

This new moon eclipse will be the seeds of change by eclipsing out certain people from your life the next 6 months, which can be family, friends, coworkers, or whomever is associated with your Cap,Cancer, Leo,Aquarius areas of life. You or they could moving away, change jobs, and even some deaths of loved ones are possible as well, but the loss can happen in other ways too. These events are part of the process that helps restructure your life, but might not feel easy at the time. You'll be forced to deal with something out of your control and comfort level.

The energy begins to stir up intense inner feelings, and outer circumstances that get really dynamic, intense, serious and volatile. This energy is highlighting the shadow that's been festering under the surface for years, not only the shadow of society and the world but the shadow within each of us that we deny. The eclipse can start to bring up the dark side that needs to be purged, or at the very least -accepted and integrated as part of being human. These light dark battles can play out in relationships, being projected back and forth, making someone the bad guy by not wanting to acknowledge our own imperfections, etc.  Bad and good is subjective and every one of us has both polarities of light and dark that this new moon eclipse brings out. There can be flashes of new awareness and consciousness expansion, as we are able to see what normally is unconscious or hidden within the self or others. Again, this helps taking back our power that we have been giving away, which helps us restructure our life. These are just some examples of what this energy is all about. It plays out different for each person, depending on your chart. Dealing with power struggles to break yourself free is almost certain, whether that is fighting yourself, others, or both.

Six pointed Star

The good news is, the shake ups and changes are accompanied by two grand trines in place right now, forming a 6 pointed star that opens up outlets and opportunities.

Jupiter Direct

Jupiter is now direct after being retrograde for months. This is very good news for everyone and especially people that have Sagittarius rising, sun or moon. This means those folks can move forward now, albeit slowly as Jupiter moves towards its home sign of Sag by this fall, all thru 2019! Everyone's Sag area of life can start to move forward now and will get a huge boost in 2019.

Water Grand Trine

This new moon eclipse is one side of the Grand water trine with Jupiter and Neptune. This shows that these seeds planted right now, and no matter how challenging the changes taking place are, or how intense things are getting, there's a sense of inspiration for the future that we can feel and have an optimistic view that this is all for a higher reason and meant to be. Indeed, there is some kind of positive open outlet path available to each person, but requires courage and bravery to step into. The opportunity might not even look like the best option in the world, and you might be doubting it which could bring up fears and worry, but at same time, there should be a sense of idealism and inspiration about what's coming next, even if you don't have the full picture yet.

Earth Grand Trine

The other Grand trine is in earth with Venus, Uranus and Saturn. This shows an outlet and opportunity for practical mature changes, being attracted to something new and innovative, and yet, could have something to do with the past as well, and or offers stability and reliability in whatever that is. There is a sense of something new, exciting and radical, yet old and reliable being supported by authority. This could be about the start of changing the structure of your resources, money, relationships, health, diet, routines, work, etc, etc, everything real world and practical that shows true results. This is rare opportunity to take risk and make radical innovations that normally would not be grounded and reliable or supported by reality. This is a great outlet to clean up your home, work, health, life, etc, etc purging and cleansing in practical ways that have long lasting results. This can be on any level depending on your own chart.

Mars Retrograde with South Node

Mars is retrograde in Aquarius next to the South Node making Mars energy even stronger than normal which both Mars and South Node will be T-squared  by Uranus in the coming weeks. This means radical fated changes on the way. The need for freedom gets very strong peaking on the next lunar eclipse in two weeks, but lasts for months. It's easier to get agitated, annoyed, aggressive, instigating conflict and challenging anyone that gets in your way of breaking free and doing what you want. There is a sense of having to push hard and break free out of old routines. There might be a choice of taking an easy way out connected to the past or having courage and stepping forward into the unknown, challenging the power and authority in your life. You might be forced to deal with something of the past in order to move forward in the coming months. It might take time to do something before you're truly free which can feel aggravating and frustrating. There might be a break from groups, organizations, friendships and community. Politics will be a source of increased conflict, fighting to break old structures and systems.

Of course all this energy happens in your own life on some level but also happens on the world stage and thru natural earth events and changes too. Shocking new events are likely the next couple months both for the earth and within politics and groups of people, including more public assaults and protests, and possible military/police actions. Values and the financial structures and systems both your own and for the world are also going to fluctuate next 6 months and beyond, and eventually change to something new. With Uranus T square  Mars and the Nodes, these events are super karmic resulting in long term consequences, all part of the world changes that climax by the end of 2020.

Anyway, that's about the gist of what i see going on now. More intensity to what we've already been dealing with but these symbolic seeds planted right now are very important and fated that leads to major changes in your Cap, Cancer, Leo and Aquarius areas of life next 6 months and beyond.

Cheers to the revolution!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Capricorn Full Moon June 27 2018

Tonight is the Capricorn full moon exact 9:52 pm PDT at 6 degrees, conjunct Saturn.

This brings full illumination to feelings and circumstances. The moon is in detriment in Capricorn and Saturn is one of the most challenging energies in the chart, so this could be reflected by feeling heavy and serious. This is a reality check full moon bringing awareness to limitations, commitments and responsibilities. Some fears, stress and worry could also be highlighted.

As with every full moon, this is a turning point of the lunar cycle where change is needed. You could become of aware of what's out of balance in your life and circumstances. Some general examples could be putting too much time in home life and not enough in public life. Work, money and what it takes to have a better life could be a reflection of this moon but the awareness of that could also highlight TIME and that not everything happens fast, showing you the need to work towards something.

Goals and ambitions will take hard work and TIME to achieve. This is not the energy that supports fluffy feelings, snapping your fingers into the life you want by positive thinking. This moon reflects that getting where you want is a slow process that takes proper planning, strategy and practical action with one step at a time.

More maturity, wisdom, integrity, punctuality and reliability needs to be better balanced in your life and activity. Respect is earned and not given freely.

This full moon will also cross Pluto. Power struggles and opposition in relationships could be highlighted. The power and control dynamic in certain relationships could be out of balance which becomes noticeable under this moon. Issues with authority, both your own and others could come to light. Are you getting the respect you want? Are you being controlled and walked all over, or are you showing those traits to others. Whatever the issue is becomes bright which leads to changes and more balance in your life by taking the necessary action, but might require time to achieve what you feel you're lacking.

Home and family issues could come to light as well. Feelings about what you need to feel more safe and secure in your life could be reflected, but again, requires TIME to make the appropriate changes and won't be easy.

This moon is a turning point with changes for gov't, structures, systems, rules, and regulations on all the different many levels, from the structures and systems of your home and work life, to the local gov't, state and federal levels. Some kind of changes are needed and will begin to manifest.

Some kind of feelings or circumstances need to be transformed but in order to do that, an honest evaluation and a reality check needs to happen. Take off the rose colored glasses and stop over looking what's been wrong or festering under the surface. Stop putting the blame on others. Take responsibility for your life. If you are lacking something and don't have all your needs met, only you can make the necessary changes that will get you where you want to be. Saturn energy will give a sense of responsibility and motivation to see things in a practical light which helps you plan for the future and do the nitty gritty that it takes to get there. One slow step at a time! This time might test you in some way.  Karmic lessons are at play.

These are some of the themes of a Capricorn full moon conjunct Saturn and Pluto.

Don't let it get you down. Let it motivate you to go after what you want. Happy full moon!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Gemini New Moon June 13 2018 - New info helps you perceive your life in a new light

New moon 22 degrees Gemini exact June 13 2018 12:43 pm PDT.

We get a new lunar cycle starting which offers new energy and different influences for the next 28 days. Gemini is about the intellect, information and communication. This will be important new cycle for how we perceive certain things; what we're thinking and communicating about. 

The ruler of Gemini is Mercury which has just moved into the sign Cancer opposing Saturn in Capricorn. This indicates the change of perceptions and thinking might have something to do with the past, family, home, commitments, responsibilities and or obligations. This change of energy brings serious thinking about a few different areas of your life that need attention. There could be important home or family matters that develop over the next couple weeks. Perhaps new information comes in at some point about something in those regards. Sometimes negative communication or conversations happen that causes worry and stress, or you could experience difficult thoughts about something in your past, or in home environment but will also help you change the way you see it. You might find yourself overthinking something causing doubts about your current path, plans, etc. You might have to deal with something coming from authority figures that you would rather not deal with.

Venus is also changing signs into Leo. This shows that relationship energy, social activity and what we find attractive is about to change as well. Add that with the home and family connection, it's possible there will be family social events/gatherings in this cycle that has affect on the future, because the North Node of fate is also in the sign of Leo right now.

 A strong desire for having more pleasure, fun and good times will increase but could also cause social events that get dramatic and over the top. Romantic relationships will also get more dramatic. In general the feminine will want more attention and praise in this phase. Pride will be a strong factor as well. Relationship activity, including family relationships will get new opportunities to move forward in some sort of a new way. 

Venus is square Uranus in Taurus indicating relationships will be full of surprises and kind of rebellious. Unusual desires, and unexpected events are very likely. Seeing unexpected people including family is possible. Radical social events and issues in personal relationships could cause some mental stress. It can also be exciting with whatever happens being a bit out of the norm and unpredictable. Meeting new people or people from past is strong possibility.

Mercury is sextile Uranus so these events allows the mind to see things from the past in a different perspective, perhaps. 

Saturn inconj North Node shows we'll need to make adjustments to the future and adapt to changing circumstances, making necessary changes to current plans and obligations.

Mars is traveling with the South Node in Aquarius, slowing down preparing for retrograde phase by the next full moon at end of month. The pace of life is also slowing down as Mars (action) is hardly moving. There is a releasing of the past in this phase, especially in terms of what you do in groups, organizations, community, friendships and even home and family stuff, as well as past hopes and dreams for the future. There might be a discontent with the action in your life right now causing you to want to change direction. Whatever you have been doing might not fill the void anymore, and you'll need to make changes in order to do something different for your future. Perhaps new information and new thinking comes in with this Gemini cycle. You might have to go and do something before you can totally move forward in new ways. That will become more clear later with the full moon but until then getting stuff done is at a much slower pace. As Mars stations its energy becomes stronger so sexual energy, anger, frustrations and the need for action becomes stronger, depending on person.

As Mars stations in Aquarius with the South Node there could also be significant public social events that makes the news (again). Also going backwards in a sense taking care of some sort of action in order to take new action for the future. This will be an extra long phase of taking care of something in groups, and the community. On world stage, it's the world community dealing with North Korea. Something with that is likely to go back to drawling board before it can totally move forward. Again, all that will peak by the next full moon so things are still moving forward until then, albeit slowly. Public, group violence could get amplified as well during station around full moon end of month.

On personal level the way you've been doing things in the past regarding your Aquarius area of life and community needs to change. Your hopes, dreams and vision for your future may need to change, or you might have to do something unrelated in order to make those visions and hopes a reality. Innovating, updating and stepping outside the box will be necessary unless you want to keep going around in circles with action that gets you no where. If something isn't working, change the way you approach it or do something different!

Neptune is also stationing Retrograde energizing imagination and intuition on the positive side or escapism and illusion on the negative side. Whatever way Neptune transit has been playing out in your life gets amplified as it stations Rx. You could become aware of how Neptune is influencing you the last few months for good or bad. Ocean/water events or weather events could also get amplified with the station.

That's my take on this. Enjoy the change of energy happening but don't let your mind get down or worry about what's out of your control as Mercury opposes Saturn this week.

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Happy new moon.